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So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may we talk Politics then?

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I figured that the matter of choosing out next president is a weighty enough matter, so here it goes:

What's your opinion on what's going on out there in the political world? Who do you think should be president? Barrack (Saddam) Hussein Obama, or John (I don't think he'll live through his term) McCain? Do you think Hillary should have been on the ballot in place of Obama? I mean, she might be going through menopause (which means we'd be screwed anyway) or she might even be past that, in which case she might as well be a man.  Does Palin being on McCain's ticket make you want to vote for him because she's a woman?

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Or a...something else that doesn't matter....KIDDING, yet not.  Will you be voting R or D? Why?

Have you been keeping up with the news? Give your insight....

Oh and by the way, random fact, that "MILF" Palin is pro shooting wolves out of helicopters to control the population =]

Have at it!

I only recently registered to vote and of course i'm labeled "independant" I really don't like politics because of how fake the candidated represent themselves and how little they actually care about important matters like the problems right here in america. Honestly i don't like Hilary either. i want someone in office who isn't power hungry, knows his stuff, will hold themself together when the mud starts to fly, and will give a damn about our own problems as a country!

so... yeah It's a dream that probably won't happen

For some reason I want to beat you up~

Anyway, Im on the liberal democratic side I think that Having Obama in office will be something refreshing, someone who isnt in the mainstream light and I like his ideals with the economy and education. That hes actually going to give a crap with the strenghtening of public schools especially the ones that have been struggling to meet goverment standards. That he cares about the environment and is willing to make this earth a greener one
Along with immigration, he wants to keep immigrant families together and is going to work comprimises and fix our broken system.

as long as we keep books in the library, the bible out of school and laws off my body then were okay

Beat who up? D:

Oh and just a little update, McCain had a surge in the electoral vote recently.  Obama still has a SLIGHT edge's looking grim.  I swear to god if McCain is elected I'm moving elsewhere in the world, buncha rednecks D:<


The price of a barrel of gas has dropped to 96$!!

...and the stock market also went down, 500 points
very, VERY BAD.

Whoever is elected president had better have a plan to clean up the economy, and it'd better work.

Obama better stand by his promises


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