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Author Topic: So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may we talk Politics then?  (Read 6027 times)

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Re: So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may we talk Politics then?
« Reply #20 on: September 25, 2008, 11:25:59 PM »

The Electoral College Should have ben done away with after the election of 1888 when Benjamin Harrison won the election via the electorial vote , but Grover Cleveland had a  sizable  margin of the popular vote.

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Re: So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may we talk Politics then?
« Reply #21 on: September 26, 2008, 01:04:54 AM »

But as long as people don't feel safe enough to go out for an ice cream cone and feel it's America's fault the power isn't always on, Iraq cannot be viewed as 'mission accomplished'.
The sad thing is that that is true for many places in the U.S. right now as well. How can you help an outside country achieve that when you can't even achieve that in your own country? -.-;

And even with good technology, one can't win if they go in without a plan and without proper knowledge of what is being dealt with, where the problems are, etc etc. And the ability to receive knowledge necessary to success. And its never a good thing nor helps when domestic and foreign peoples cannot tell what a country's priorities are.

As for the candidates, I really like Obama. He has a good head on his shoulders and is down to earth. I think he'd think things through and make the right decision. With things as bad as they are, we really need someone that can do that.

I've always thought McCain is out of date. And I Hate Palin. Too religious, too extreme, too corrupt, too f'ing scary. D: If you want to know my reasons, go read the other thread. XP And she's no MILF for me. Who'd want to f' that? D: She not f'able in my book nor nor if I was gay, would I want to f' that.

As for leaving the country if McCain was elected, forget that; I'd probably want to leave the country if Palin was President. Not only is that scary but its very likely that she'd make the country someplace I couldn't stand to live in. And if she becomes extremely fanatical, I'm f'd and not in remotely a good sense; I'd be one of the first to get burned at the stake. D: Hopefully not literally... >.>;

As for votes not counting; that isn't true. Votes do as long as they are for the two main parties. Anything else is vote suicide.

Rich white men have been in power a lot because we are still stuck in the middle ages in the cultural sense. Rich still equals power. As for race issues, we haven't remotely destroyed racism and sexism. How many centuries have we been battling the race and sex issues? -.-; If people still claim their wives as possessions on their tax forms, it is still an issue.
It is true that not all presidents are rich or from rich backgrounds but now days, it can make or break an election. TV ads, radio ads, etc cost a lot of money. Live speeches don't necessarily cost a lot. One could just show up somewhere and start speaking. Pre-tv and pre-radio, it was only live speeches and newspaper articles. And the articles did your work for you. You were probably covered as long as you either have enough for travel expenses, decorations, etc.
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