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Upcoming Election - McCain or Obama?

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1) Why you would vote for one over the other. McCain or Obama?
2) Who do you think is the stronger Vice-President Candidate?
3) Do you believe the current economic tensions in the financial and stock markets will affect the voters?
4) Is high gas prices/energy still a concern? Will it affect the election.

Overall, who do you believe is going to take the election?

Just throwing this out there, cause it has been a hot topic in the media these days.

Personally I don't want to vote for either but i don't like how McCain brought in Governor Palin to just shake things up. She's a pretty gal but I'd rather this was more about What we as americans need rather then a mudslinging soap opera. Honestly i don't care what the news can bring up about a candidate but i do care about the childish ways this election is being run.

so... for right now i'm leaning obama because i respect him more

1. I'm voting for Obama, for ideological and strategic purposes. Another way of saying that: I'm not voting against McCain. I wasn't impressed with his choice for VP, but it did make me smile.
2. I think Biden - but not by a huge margin - due to his experience.
3. Definitely.
4. Not as much as #3.

I would put #3 and #4 under the same "economy" umbrella, and I think that'll decide the election. Sadly, I'm pretty sure the Boomers are going to roll over any campaign that goes against their interests, which at this point are highly, highly conservative - at least financially.

Right, I would categorize them in the same umbrella as well, however, I do believe they are almost big enough issues to stand on their own.

The financial market is getting hit hard, but most of that is due to the credit crisis and the failures of the large financial institutions.
The government right is having to bail out some of these companies and put them under their control, as well as making huge loans. This is a short term solution.

I'm sorta glad the dollar is rising against the other currencies and that gas has fallen to under 100 bucks a barrel due to the rise of the dollar.

1) I'd vote for Obama. McCain is trying very hard to move away from the very unpopular Bush Administration, and trying to sever all ties. I don't believe he's really sincere when he speaks about all the things he wants to implement/change. Especially with a Democrat controlled Congress, McCain would have a harder time pushing bills through, even if they were good bills. Just how politics work.

2) I would say Palin. My reasoning would be mostly due to the nature of the message that the candidates are trying to portray. Change. Away from the current administration policies, away from the wars, away from the huge budget deficit, and to change the face of American politics in the worlds eyes. Bush has systematically destroyed the image of the US in the world with his actions. He let treaties expire, he let beneficial agreements die, and various other things. Palin is a woman, first and foremost. That is a HUGE change. She would potentially also sway many woman voters who happened to not decide on a candidate yet.

3) Hell yes, see above.

4) Number 3 is actually a greater issue that seems to affect how number 4 goes. It's semi-related but both have issues of their own that need to be solved by themselves.

I think it will be close, and I don't really have enough information to make an informed decision on who will win. However, my hunch goes to Obama. He seems to have a charisma about him that inspires the feeling that change will happen if he gets elected.

1) Why you would vote for one over the other. McCain or Obama?
OBAMA, hands down.  The man might as well be Moses.  I think we need a change to a Democratic president, too.  Bush did me in.  McCain is ALRIGHT, because he's a moderate/liberal Republican, but I REALLY DON'T LIKE his VP Palin, the Conservative Conservative. D:  Also, Obama is a great public speaker! He really captures crowds and I think that's a great characteristic a president should have.
Whereas McCain, when asked by the Evangelical Christians, "Is there evil in the world? What would you do about it?" he replied "Yes.  We should kill it."
The Evangelicals liked his response much better than Obama'

2) Who do you think is the stronger Vice-President Candidate? Biden! Biden has far more experience than Palin, and honestly, Palin is a false idol.  In my liberal, biased view, McCain chose Palin BECAUSE she's a woman.  Because Hillary isn't in the running any more McCain saw it as a way to get ahead by choosing a woman and thus swaying all the idiot voters that want a woman in office.  AND despite that she's "pro family morals" she has a 17 year old pregnant daughter, wtf? Not a good message.  But her "MILF," technically "GILF" status sways some people as well.  But when it comes down to who really deserves to be in office, it's Biden.   

3) Do you believe the current economic tensions in the financial and stock markets will affect the voters?
Well, McCain intends to use Reaganomics if he wins, which means HE WON'T TAX RICH PEOPLE as much because they have money, and thus use money so it might "trickle down" to us average folk.  Oh goodie.  Obama will probably lower taxes for middle class as well, which means immediate slightly less financial pressure in that perspective.  I'm not 100% on what Obama is going to do yet, though.  But really, we all fucked ourselves over in the stock market.  Did you know the average American spends 1.22$ for every 1.00 we earn? That's a lot of money when it adds up.  CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT.

4) Is high gas prices/energy still a concern? Will it affect the election.
As of currently, the cost of oil is actually descending.  It may really depend on what McCain plans to do if we stay in Iraq (which everyone knows he will.)  Also, if Obama gets presidency, and he proceeds to slowely take troops out of Iraq, then what will the countries of the middle east do? See it as weakness? Attack? Or will they see it as a peace agreement? Who knows.  The prices of oil will definitely be a factor in that little equation.

And watch this clip on the daily show about offshore drilling...

Sorry if I went on tangent with some of the topics LOL I'm an International Relations student, so I watch a lot of news now, I just have so much to share!


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