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Upcoming Election - McCain or Obama?

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Maybe I'm alone on this but I believe whoever wins will be a one term President (because there will be eight years of B.S. to clean up.)

1) Why you would vote for one over the other. McCain or Obama?
Though I won't be voting (underaged), I would probably vote for Obama. Just as a default. I wasn't really crazy for any of the candidates this year...
2) Who do you think is the stronger Vice-President Candidate?
I forget Obama's VP but I think Palin is too new. She just doesn't have a very strong or impressive background. Not to mention the "teen pregnancy" kinda hints she doesn't really have too much control over her own life so why should we put her in a position to effect ours?

Obama's running mate is Delaware senator Joe Biden.


--- Quote from: G.I.R on September 18, 2008, 05:35:28 PM ---Obama's running mate is Delaware senator Joe Biden.

--- End quote ---
Thank you.  :-[

*Waits for everybody to take pitch forks and torches.*
So I guess no love for Nader? *takes out shield.*
Now before you throw the scapegoat that was the 2000 election, Nader did help put seat belts and a bunch of other safety precautions in several industries that we now take for granted. Although the lynch mob doesn't have to worry, it doesn't look he'll have any effect on Obama's votes.(although he didn't really affact Al Gore's either to begin with.) XD


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