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The God debate.

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I know this can be a touchy subject, but I'd like to try and have a mature debate about religion vs. atheism.

I'll start off with my standpoint. I personally don't believe in a god or gods. Taking the Christian god (since it is usually the main god referred to in debates), I find that the theology of Christianity has some major holes or areas that science has disproved. One example that I find to be one of these holes is that the bible states the Earth is much younger than it actually is. I do understand that not many believe this to be true, but some fundamentalists do.

PS: Sorry if I, or anyone else generalizes.
Edit: Changed poor wording about "religion vs. science"


--- Quote from: Darth_Diclonius on September 23, 2008, 10:17:25 PM ---One example is the Earth being considerably older than stated in the Bible.

--- End quote ---

I'll speak up on this point only. 

Not every Christian believes in a young earth.   I am quite religious, and I believe in a 13.7 billion year old Big Bang, and all that derives from there.

I will warn that many Christians are moderate and have quite realistic views of science.  We're not all like the extremists that get the press on TV.

I agree, I am a christian as well but I am pro-choice, Pro gay marriage, I believe in evolution and the big bang theory. Not all of us are conservative bible pushing gay bashers like the ones on the press.

The Bible has been re-edited over many years and sections have not been put into the bible such as the ones from the dead sea scrolls and what not. I believe in god because of the whole things happen for a reason, Right now my family has been through so much but yet the lord has given us a tiny ray of hope regarding my fathers state of health

Can Science prove what is going on with my father and his lungs? He has been healthy and then all of sudden he has a mysterious disease in his lungs, its not lung cancer or fibrosis

Science is not the answer to everything, there are things that constantly change and things that are not discovered or theories that cant be proven

Oh no I didn't mean to generalize about that, I was referring to that in the Bible. I have quite a few Christian friends who believe in an older earth. I suppose I should rephrase it to make it exactly clear what I mean.

I don't believe in God or gods or any religion, but "the" God is the same god in all religions that have a "God."

I honestly think that religion is silly, but it can help people in certain ways, such as morale booster and the like, I'm more of a guy that wants to see the person they're putting so much faith and hope into.

p.s. This topic NEVER ends well, I hope someone with high power is watching over this thread.


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