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California Ballot Initiatives 2008

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I haven't heard much discussion here about the ballot initiatives for the upcoming election.

Here is a list of the initiatives , with a short description:

i'd suggest reading up on them.  Any feedback?

I'm strongly against proposition 8: limits on marriage.

I'd say yes on prop 2. Our meat should come from happy animals.

Cliff notes version of what I think:

Proposition 1= Voting Yes
Proposition 4= Voting No
Proposition 7= Dunno (Need to ask my uncle how it would affect his business)
Proposition 8= Voting No
Proposition 10= Dunno (Same as 7)

Others=Not sure yet.

I can't vote, but whatever.
Prop 2, 10: Yes.
Prop 1, 3, 4, 8, 9: No.
Prop 5, 6, 7: I'm partial to these.


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