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Started by XpHoBiaX, September 30, 2008, 07:31:56 PM

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This section is dedicated to websites that are particulary useful to a crafters' needs.
Feel free to post your own as well.Now, I know there is probably something like this in the cosplay section, but I am ripping it off anyways.

Please refrain from posting clothing sites, and sites catering to fashion. Although it can be called a craft, what I really mean is tools and materials needed for your crafting needs. I will delete unecessary chatter and links.

Here is my all time favorite sites that I go too when I am in dire need of materials.

2010 cosplay...?
Zero:80% Kadaj:?? Sisen:??

Lactose  - great stock image site  - great photoshop/illustrator tutorial site, lots of beginner stuff, and a lot of stuff advanced users can use too

Lactose = Liz


I refer

a huge collection of image gallery in mixed format