Sample Budget (For People who are trying to figure it out) Version 3.0!

Started by FanFicGuru, October 05, 2008, 07:54:58 PM

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For those looking for a place to eat, if this hasn't been brought up yet... "La Victoria" is just a short way down San Carlos, and they make some great (and filling!) burritos for cheap. As well, footlongs at Subway are good opportunities for filling foods at a low price, though I'd put La Vic's ahead of Subway any day.

Even if you don't check out La Vic's, consider that the more filling (and nutritious, that's important!) your food choices are, the less you'll NEED to buy food in the interrim— or on Convention grounds, where prices skyrocket. If anything, junk foods and energy drinks cost more and do less for you (as much as I love my Red Bull...)

(Exception: Maid Cafe— I recommend going at least once. The food prices are convention-set— that is to say, high— but it's an experience worth having at least once.)
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Here's how I did it and still been doing it. So you pay for your badge and your room in advance and you get people to go with you at minimum 4; then your room isn't hella expensive.
If you're living with your parents then ask them that you want that to be your birthday gift; for them to pay for your Fanime.
Any money you get you save it even if it means you don't get to go out to eat with your friends, or you don't buy the new Call of Duty or whatever.
Split your money at the con. Mostly between spending money and food money.
I did real barebones last year and my room was $40, my badge was $60 (I messed up in getting preregistration), and I spent about 120 that's both food and stuff at the con. My meals would be one big meal that could sustain me at least for more than half the day. You could go into Iguanas which is like 3 blocks from Fanime and get the biggest burrito they got its like $22 but it will last you maybe 2 days. I also did activites outside of Fanime which is included in the 120. The main part for saving up and keeping that money saved is just resisting the urge to buy something unless its truly vital.
Honestly it isn't that bad seeing as I was staying at the Fairmont and all the things I got to do was really worth it. That's really the key for for budget.


I would have started a fresh thread but what currently is in here is pretty helpful as well. Feel free to browse the old responses and add any additional tips for our new fanime-goers and veterans alike!
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I probably should be re-writing what I put, especially the "split the hotel on gift cards" part since that really doesn't work half the time. I still stand by the food allocation costs that I put a long time ago back when I was at a community college (long gone now with my BS degree in hand).

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Bumping this to the top sense it not on the first page and lost in the slush.

Appreciated! Although at this point this will probably be used for Fanime 2016 prep :D

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If one sets aside $10 a week between now and Fanime 2016, they'd have $520 by the time the con comes around! Get saving!