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Here's my gallery on DeviantArt:

Originally I wanted to open a table to sell prints however I registered way too late...maybe next year!

I have two separate DeviantArt accounts, one for my photography and the other for my poetry and writing.

Was intending to make another one for my anime-related work such as drawing, cosplays, hand-made cosplay items. I actually put cosplays together for people on a budget, if you guys are looking to have something made let me know. ^_^

I have one deviantart account, which is:

Then my sister has one as well as her photography portfolio, which consists of all cosplay so far. XD and hers is:

My main dA account is here:

I haven't updated it hugely much lately, though, mostly because most of what I've been drawing recently has been more applicable to a few character-specific accounts: and

Lots of personifications of things in all of those, yeah.

Here is mine! Been up forever but I am actually using it now.


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