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No art yet, but maybe some time in the future.
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Sunara Ishi

If anyone wants to add me they can:

Its just fanart though. Mostly Soul Eater stuff.
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Even though it's in my sig already, here's mine:

Of course, a lot of the flyer art for Foothill Anime is on display there, among other things.  I'm wondering if maybe I should start a second account for my cosplay photography as well.
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I craft more than anything so heres my dev art link:


Here is my page:

WARNING: Some stuff you won't see if you are under the age of 18 (Don't worry, nothing involving sex, just stuff that could border on or will be classified as echii)


Check out my place. ;D I'm still trying to improve though. Especially with human anatomy.
The only cosplay I've done so far: Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

Yukari Kaiba

heres mah page:

some drawings (nothing recent though as my scanner refuses to work with my computer ><), and my cosplay photos.
-Gundam Tanaka (Super Dangan Ronpa 2)
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I mostly take photos now, but in the past I did some fan art. Enjoy!

miss shelby


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Guess I forgot to mention mine.

... though, things usually go up on my blog first.

Rainbow Ichi

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~*Soul Eater - Mizune 3 mouse form
~*AJAA: Apollo Justice (maybe)

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I've been on DevART for years now, but I took a rather long break from it.  I've only recently begun posting art there again.  So... most of it is rather... old. :P

In any case, enjoy.  (Or try too. XD;;  Hehe!)
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Cosplays for '10?  WHO KNOWS!?!


I have one! Hellsing, history, ballet, and butlers, oh my!