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plz someone teach me how to draw feet and shoes, I'm tired of all me characters wearing boots. (I draw boots cause they are super easy for me to draw.)
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someone tell me how to draw feet! >_<

chibi*H A N A T S U K I

I don't really submit any art, but when I do its okaay :]

Tez Ryu

Send me a note if you're going to fanime this year! :D



i'm on the lookout for people i can sucker into.... er get to help me with my comic book or the website for it
(yay shameless self promotion)

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Well i need to check and see if the url is working in my sig anyways...

In case it isn't:
(Mostly original characters nowadays)
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Yes I can go to Fanime!

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theres mine!^^
I do a whole bunch of things, such as: fanart, custom my little ponies, and of course cosplay!^^


YaY!! Here's mine. It's all really real-life scetches.. I haven't scanned any anime stuff in a while, so my anime stuff is really old!! Sad day.... -______-


There's mine :D Random drawings and photo's. That's all .


Well, it's just props that i made and some other random stuff. i need to upload some of my other artworks ><
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Here's mine, it's actually a shared account with my sister, and it has most our crafty goods we've made so far. Most of which we will be bringing to our table at Artist Alley this year. 8D Feel free to check out our DA or our table!
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Rainbow Ichi

I draw once in a while. But i'm usually a lazy bum. I need some creative juices flowing in my mind in order to draw/paint stuffs, otherwise nothing happens...
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don't post much... I use sheezyart more...

but even then, I just use my own site more, I think. xD xD
Go to for cosplay and art updates! :3
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xxxplizit (pogi1kenobi)

Hmmm.  Why not?

Contains mostly cosplay.  Has very few humor photos, artwork, and piano pieces.
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