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This is a DIY/tutorial forum for those who desperately need to know how to make things. Links may be easier to manage then actual step by step posts.
I'll update the links in this post for easier reading.

Also, your opinion of the site you used is welcomed.

Candle making

Shirt reconstruction/modification

All manners of costuming

Monster Makers is a supply site for latex molds/mask making, veneers, tools and equipment.

ThreadBanger is an awesome site to roam around for many different types of crafts/constructions and tutorials.

ArtisianCraft @ Deviant Art. ;) Tutorials galore!

Mask Making made easy

Tutorial for basic steampunk goggles

Nice site, there will be lots of panels on just these topics  at the con ( Yes i'm doing some of them). You can ask specific questions at

Why didn't I find this thread earlier!! :D ha ha This is quite a useful thread! ha ha


Yes, build your own Optimus Prime cosplay. >>;;

Very nice...this tutorial totally helped me. Thanks ;D


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