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Negative campaign ads

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Pretty simple. Make a negative attack ad on the person who posted before you. Since this is the first one I'll pick on the mods(They know I kid. ^_-)

*looming voice.* "The mods say they their here to clean up the forums, but what are they really up to? Mod is actually short for Moderate. As in they recieve quite a moderate sum of bribes from Pocky lobbyist. Don't let them ruin the forums. Don't let them ruin fanime. And don't let them ruin america.*image of the flag and a bald eagle fades in.* "
-I am glitch and I approve this message.

*soft music in the background* Glitch claims he's in favor for a safer and more organized Fanime forum. But what he doesn't want you to know is that his username isn't just a cute name, but also his mission here. He wants to corrupt and break the forums. Don't be fooled by his lies. Vote YES on Prop Fix.
- I am Darth_Diclonius and I approve this message

Darth_Diclonius's Avitar is about to play "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen.  Do we really want our school children exposed to this?

"GIR says he's looking out for the children, but is he really? If he truly cares about our children, he would admit that G.I.R stands for Getting It (w)Rong. His misspelling of the word Wrong promotes illiteracy to our society. Don't let this man destroy our national gramar."
- I'm John McCain, and I approve this message.

Glitch is running on a platform of pies and corn.


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