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The Total Anime and Manga Recommendation/Suggestion Topic!

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Alright, I guess this would be a good time to start one of these things. Feel free to ask, suggest or comment on what someone plans to watch/read or the likes. You don't NEED to rely on this topic for choosing where you should go next, but it's a pit stop for people who can't think of anything in general, looking for insights, or just browsing for ideas. There is just one rule outside of common sense for some that I have to mention: no unwarranted spoilers. It's not hard, so be considerate. If you want to discussion something with spoilers that could potentially ruin a series for someone, mark it or hide it somehow (somehow..?). Other than that, respect everyone who post. Opinions count only when it something other than " you're an idiot for wanting to watch/read <blank>". I don't even know what that would accomplish in helping someone decide where to go next anyways other a "NO" for some unknown reason. Well, I don't need to keep explaining common sense stuff because I'm pretty sure everyone is wishing I would stop ranting... which I will do now..-_-;

I hope it'll also encourage lurkers to realize this is an anime board where one can expand those curiosities. So yeah, go for it.   

EDIT: This topic will be revised in the future. Please stay tuned and keeping posting. Thanks.

Repost from another thread since it was locked. e_e

--- Quote from: Haruka on November 01, 2008, 10:29:22 PM ---Hey, guys! 
      My sister has finally relented on her Geek ban and is allowing my nephew to read Naruto.  I also talked her into letting me have him for Con in 2009.  I want to get him into more anime, but I have lost the pulse of the G-PG-13 series.  He's 12.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm open to both dubs and subs.

--- End quote ---

I'm looking for some anime that get seriously confusing and depressing towards the end, like Evangelion. Please help me :o


--- Quote from: lalalandla on November 10, 2008, 08:38:09 PM ---I'm looking for some anime that get seriously confusing and depressing towards the end, like Evangelion. Please help me :o

--- End quote ---

Then May I suggest Elfen Leid (if you don't mind the violence).

Does it have to fit in the category of Eva's genre? Or did you simply mention Eva cause it's a depressing and confusing anime you've seen.


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