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SO.... we almost had to put down our new kitten Romeo.

I had been working on a beading project and when i wasn't looking... he swallowed it. 3 in needle and all.
I was instantly in a guilty panic I rushed to grab and try to stop him from swallowing the needle but it was already down his throat. we immediatly drove him to the vet to get some emergency help but after taking the x-ray we already knew we couldn't afford to get the surgery. My dad and i left with me sobbing my eyes out because i didn't want to lose this cat. He's the sweetest kitten too perfect even (as noted by his infatuation with needles ><).

well my mom had stayed and i guess she couldn't bring herself to put him to sleep so they worked out to have her pay a foundation $100 a month and meanwhile they'll look after romeo until he's better so that's really good news. I'm glad the kitten isn't going to be put to sleep but I still feel terrible about all that happened today.

so i'm curious about anyone else's pet fiascoes and if you've had to go through the same

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I submitted everyone on the boards to my teary eyed anger when I had to put my cat down a little over a month ago. 

They get to you...and they do it FAST.  It's amazing really. 

I had a cat once who would let us dress her up in baby doll clothes and walk her around the house in a baby carriage.  That same cat used to sleep ontop of the wood burning stove during the summer. The first night we lit the stove that year was a disaster!  The temperature was over 400 degrees when the cat first approached the stove.  We all prepared to run for it and stop her from jumping on top when she stopped, felt the heat radiating off of it and curled up to sleep in the warmth.  We all relaxed and went back to watching t.v.  Seconds later my mother SCREAMS, the cat howls like something out of Hell and I turn my head to see her sliding across the top of the stove.  The heat was so intense that the skin on her feet was burnt completely off and she had pretty massive damage to all four feet.  It was terrible and she was a medical wreck for months.

Believe it or not she bounced back from that without a hitch.  Lived another 10 years.  You think I was a wreck when I lost Natasha in should have SEEN me when I lost that cat.  Missie was something special.  :)

I'll keep Romeo in my prayers.  Thank God for good people at the vet who are letting you keep him safe.   
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That's really a frightening feeling to have. Strangely enough, something of the sort happened to Mizuki and Rena recently, too. I'll leave that to Mizuki to talk about, though.

It reminds me of when I got my first mouse as a pet, grew really attached to it, and a ton of my friends thought he was really cute. His name was Milo, and I bought him all this mouse-stuff because I got so excited. Then, just suddenly, despite being healthy all the other days, he was all bloated and stiff one day, squeaking weakly and unable to move. I looked all over the place and called a whole bunch of pet hospitals, but none of them saw rodents. So that night, I came home to find him dead, festering with ants digging holes into him trailing in and out. It was all pretty horrific.

I soon got another rodent, though, but it was a rat this time. His name was Milo2.0 but 2.0 for short. He was an awesome rat-- I'd carry him in my pocket, then when he got big enough, I had this cool leash for him so I could take him on walks. He learned how to respond to his name, sit up, shake hands, roll over (sorta) and stuff, and no matter how old he got, his squeak was pretty adorable. He died of old age, though. It was pretty sad.

I have a mouse still, now. It's starting to get old, too, since mice don't last very long. NEVER AGAIN will I ever buy a rodent from Petco or Petsmart. Their conditions for these animals are absolutely disgusting, and rodents commonly die of cancer from all the inbreeding, ESPEEEEECIALLY in Hayward. Sometimes I see them, still young, but decrepit, sh*tting themselves, gunk coming out of their eyes and ears, bleeding infections, it's all pretty bad.

But I don't think I'll be having any rodents for a long time. I'm really happy with what I have, along with my adorable cornsnake and dog who I've grown to love very much. If either of them died or were in danger, I'd be freaking the sh*t out.

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I have an array of pets, Taqueetoe the Guinea Pig, Dulce and Sly the dogs, Fuzzy the cat, and Gizmo the robo hamster

I love my cat and robo ; ; so much I would be shocked if anything happens to him. My cat fuzzy gets into fights alot so I have to constantly Nurse him. We took him to the vet one time because he got an infection in his Leg, I was sooo scared I kept him by my side and made sure he didnt pick out his stitches. I raised my cat since he was just a kitten he was born in my backyard when we had his mom arround my house. Fuzzy is my pride and joy ; ; I love him so much despite his cuts and bruises. His last fight left him some scars, I call him scar face at times.

Gizmo is my lovely little fatty of a Robo but due to my sisters pregnancy I cant have him at home anymore so he lives with my friend karissa. Oh hes so fat I loved to play with him and he would follow me in his little ball, he loves to dig  out sunflower seeds when I feed him. Being a Roboviski hes suuper fast X) I almost lost him once, he rolled down the stairs when I wasent looking I was scared cause the ball bounced. Hes okay though you should see him use his waterbottle to wash his face with its soooo cuute!

Dulce and Sly are the family dogs, they are tiny Dulce is a Lahsa Apso Shih Tzu mix. Shes such a dork she snorts like a piggy and loves to wriggle arround. A cute trick she does is when she dances for her ball XD. She used to run away alot ; ; it made me sad. We saved her at an adoption agency, she had so much fur that she looked like a tiny sheep and had many ticks, I gave her walks and for some reason I fell inlove with her I guess she and I have a special bond of sorts because shes friendly to me when she was scared of other people when I found her. Sly is a Champagne colored toy poodle and he is the oldest by far hes 13 years old. He used to have an asston of sezuires and each one would scare me to hell but he would always be fine. Sly is very old now he has to have constant attention but now he just sleeps. recentally he fell into the Pool TWICE and each one made my heart stop because I would have to fish him out and hope he didnt get to the deep end. He has survived cold winters and hot summers, I assume he is a tough dog though he is blind, my mum wants to put him down because he cannot see but we dont have the heart to.

Taqueetoe is my sisters guinea pig, though now that she is pregnant he is my responsiblity. He is very beautiful for a guineapig, long hair and loves to lick people. Everyone loves him! some kids thought he was a small dog it was funny he loves to sit in peoples laps. He had a skin problem during the summer but it was taken care of. He is so cuuute I love him, we used to have guinea pig babies when my friend's guinea pig lived with us though sadly now all the babies have gone to good homes and their mother ran away one time when my friend let her graze for some grass in her yard. Taqueetoe does fine on his own though, I think hes happy to have a cage by himself


Yeah Romeo is done with surgery but we won't get him back for a while till he's recovered enough.

My cat petal is keeping me company on the mean time. I've lost pets in the past but i wasn't really attached to them as much as i am to my cats.  I miss our dog but he was old and sick and we had to put him down a few years ago but it was for the better with him.

I guess i'm so attached to romeo because he's so much like a stray that used to come around. I loved that cat and i wish we had given him a home but i found him run over on my way from work one day. Romeo really is the perfect kitten he's so gentle yet very playful and curious. He actually likes his belly being rubbed and he goes bezerk over laser pointers. SO i'm happy he's going to be ok because earlier today I was absolutely devestated that he was going to be leaving us after only a week. 

thank you all for your prayers

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Aww, poor thing (both you and the kitten) *hugs* I have to be really careful about my crafting because of my cat too. Luckily for me she doens't seem interested in needles, just ribbon. More often than I can recall she's eaten some of my ribbon, only later to throw it all up. Gross. Really need to get better about putting things aways.
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I hate these threads, because they bring back memories I don't want to remember.

It's been almost a year and I still haven't gotten over it, I occasionally stop and break down because of it. I had a dog ever since I was 3, a black labrador. I chose him out, named him, and was always excited to come home to him. Throughout these years as he got rapidly bigger than I did I got scared, because he would play rough, and being a pansy ass kid didn't play with him as much. I grew older and got bigger, he pretty much only got fatter. I took him on his walks eventually, fed him, took care of him and everything. Stuff my parents expected of me when I was scared of him. He ran away a couple times, always cried thought he would never come back, but he always did the next day sitting in front of the door waiting for us in the morning. He was always an outside dog, we didn't let him inside until he showed signs of arthritis (sp?). Then he always stayed inside, minus to go do his natural duties. Later he became distant from us, always say in the dark corner of my house in front of the door. I always thought he was just waiting for all of us to come home, most of the time he accompanied me and my dad to our computer room. Then he started getting sick more often, had surgery a couple times, spent a lot of nights at the vet. One day at these check ups the vet said there was something in his throat, probably another benign growth, until they found out it was cancer. For 5 months we didn't notice, nor did they, they had to put him down. Carrying him to the car was the weakest I saw my dog at. He didn't even struggle when we carried him out in a blanket. I didn't go at first, I didn't want to continue seeing my dog that weak, it hurt me too much. Later that day was when I decided to go, before they had to put him down, just so I could see him one more time alive and happy to see me like always, I brought his walking collar with me because that day was when I was supposed to walk him. When we got there we found out we were 5 minutes too late, he already passed away. I collapsed right on the floor, shaking and crying. I've never felt more weak and sad as that. I didn't eat food for atleast 2 weeks, unless it was forced onto me.

I've had various other pets, that have died/ran away, but I could never grow an attatchment to them. I have one pet left though, it's an upside down catfish, poor thing lives by itself in a huge 200? gallon tank, because all the other fish were dumb and ate each other or got stuck in the air pipe. I did have a hella weird set of Bleeding Hearts. They're group fish, and when one of them died, the other 3 dissapeared too.

I doubt Rena is going to see this thread so I'll do the talking for our kitty, that stays at Rena's house. She's a couple months old, one day found out she was throwing up a lot and not eating, thought it was just normal furball, since it would be her first. Rena took her to the vet and found out something was blocking her stomach so she couldn't process food, and would just throw it up. At first she could take this medicine, one time, for $400. We looked elsewhere and found ourselves back at the same place, and then found out she needed surgery. Other places were up to $2000, something Rena's parent's couldn't afford, and something I couldn't muster up in a matter of a day. We both thought we'd have to put her down, I went over to Rena's house to comfort her, she was pretty sad about it, but then when I got there they found themselves back at the original vet and surgery at an affordable cost. The kitty was in surgery yesterday, and is spending the night at the vet. Hopefully we can get Rin back asap, I kinda miss her biting my hand thinking it's some chew toy.


Well romeo is due to come home saturday I hope the little guy has learned his lesson that needles are bad.  so he'll be here but in his room and probably in a cage to keep him safe.

get this my cat is only upset that she doesn't have extra food other wise she's acting like she's happy he's gone >< she's a brat and a pig but .. i still love my petal where else can you get a pillow that combs your hair while you sleep?

but yeah pets are just like our babies  we wouldn't want anything to happen to them and when it does we feel it.

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Today I found out our dog sly passed away, he fell in the pool but my mom got him out...he had a massive seazure a bit after. My sister and I were in school and did not know about this till we came home. It hurts really hard especially cause my sister loved him more than any of us. I cried looking at an empty dog bed I didnt get to say goodbye all I did was pet him, we are going to possibly cremate him and say our final goodbye to him today

It sucks so much but he was so old 14 years old my mum said it was his time but I dont want to accept it


sly was such a fragile, old, and blind dog. he was way too cool for school. B) i remember sleeping with him on the bed and trying to stay immobile throughout the night 'cause i thought i was gonna crush him.

my cat died while i was in tech school. i was leaving to go fall out & get to class, and i get a voicemail from my dad going "HEY JAS, GUESS WHUT? WINSLOW DIED! LULULUL" i was like THAAAANKS dad. i kinda had to lol though, 'cause winslow slept on my brother's bed, so my brother woke up to a dead cat rofl

/is a horrible, horrible person
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Well, this one I suppose was a little easier on me at the end, but it still hurt. :( I had this dog I got when I was about 4 years old, we named her Dutchess. Great dog and smart, at least in my mind. Anyway, when I was 16 years old, we had to move. And I had to give her up. Not have her put to sleep, but give her away. This dog was old enough that she probably would have been put to sleep if we gave her to the shelter since MOST people don't want older dogs. Luckily enough, my aunt and uncle said they could take her. As happy as that is to hear that family will take her, they live about 5 hours away so I still wasn't able to see her regularly. I only saw her once before she died. And when I did see her, I think she remembered we gave her away, so she was really mean and growling and snapping at us, and wouldn't let us pet her. I think that was the hardest to see. Then, about a year later, she came down with cancer of the lungs or something and we were told she was having a really hard time breathing and so my aunt and uncle had her put to sleep. I still have a couple pictures of her on my little bulletin board and her toy, collar and some of her fur (that she shedded off when we gave her away) on my desk in a little container. That fur part might be weird, but I don't care. It's good for memory.

I had a rat as well that my sister gave me named Sky-lee. I didn't come up with the name. Anyway, she was awesome. :( She'd sit on my shoulder and clean herself and just not move from there, or she'd sleep on my stomach. She ended up getting a bunch of tumors on her so I had to get her put to sleep.. I remember when I took her in, one of these people taking their cat in was asking what was in the box, so I showed her and she got really grossed out because it was a rat. Meh, people. :( My rat was cute!

I also had another cat, named Katie who would follow me everywhere and sleep with me on my bed. When I was on the computer she'd jump up onto the tower and sleep on it or just sit. I grew very attached to the kitten (only 5 months old). My mom never let us have indoor cats, so she was forced to go outside. I was about 17 at the time, so I had no say since I had no where else to live. SO, this kitten and her litter mate, Smokey were playing outside and I guess they crossed the street playing with eachother. Smokey must have been first, we think...because her leg was hurt, and we can only imagine that my cat, Katie got hit straight on. Ran a few feet away from the busy street, and then flopped over dead in our driveway. I was out swimming at the time so when I came back my parents were on the porch waiting for me to tell me. I went out in to the backyard where she was and sat there for about an hour just petting her and crying.

We also have this cat named Oreo. Well, we're not sure exactly how this one happened... She likes to sleep on top of cars and my moms driven off with Oreo ontop of it a few times. Or, we also had some very messed up neighbors whom we weren't getting along with at all because of my sister, so we're not sure if they did something...but this was when I was 18 I think. I was in school and I was coming home because I felt sick. When my mom got there she says, "Okay, now I'm not sure if this was Oreo...but I saw a black and white cat laying on the side of the road..." I'm not sure why she didn't stop to check, I guess she wanted to go get me first. But yeah, this cat was kind of far from home, much further than she ever really went. ((Actually, for those who know Hayward, she was by the Bart Station. And our house was on D street, I think? I don't know, I cant remember the street but I know it was very busy). Annnd, so when we came back we looked and she wasn't there. But Oreo wasn't coming home either after about a day. So we called the shelter just for the hell of it, and apparently someone had brought in a black and white cat after finding her on the side of the road and he took care of her for a little bit before bringing her in. So we went down there and sure enough, it was Oreo. She seemed okay, just dehydrated and her leg was hurt so she had to wear a little mini cast. She reovered, but the funny part to this was we thought we were going to have to put her to sleep because she wasn't eating... ...well, she wasn't eating because she didn't like the food the veterinarians gave her. They only fed her wet food, and she didn't like that stuff, so she didn't eat. When I noticed she had wet food in her dish I informed one of the vets about it and they were like "Oh! We haven't tried that!" As soon as they did, she started eating. :P Stupid, picky cat.

Then, this ones completely my cat Sonia was going into heat, and we were planning to get her spayed in a week or two. Well, she was getting pretty annoying so I put her outside. Needless to say she got pregnant, but she only had one kitten, which I kept. So I really didn't do anything to hurt the already huge over population of cats/dogs out there. BUT apparently while she was out getting pregnant, one of the male cats claws dug into her face and the next day she had this big ball right by her jaw. Well, we took her to the vet and she had to get it drained and everything. Had to wait to get her spayed, but eventually had it done.

Lastly, the kitten Sonia had, which I named Simba got lost one day, early in the morning while we had him outside. I spent all day looking for him, and my dad tried to tell me at first that he was just out being a cat and would come home when he wanted to. But, I wasn't convinced because I knew my cat and he always came when I shook this bag of treats I have for him, and no matter what time of day I did it, he wouldn't come. So at about 5pm (he was let outside at 5am. Around noon I realized he wasn't coming back) I went and asked one of the neighbors...because I kept seeing Sonia going into their yard, and the father cat doing it as well. And so they checked and luckily enough we found him. However his back leg was hurt, which is why he never came. And he was really dehydrated (it was about 90 that day and he was out for houuurs, surprised he didn't die), so I guess he couldn't meow very well. I took him inside and he drank a little then basically slept the rest of the day, and some the next day. He got better though, so yay<3 I adore him.

Oh! My brother had an iguana that he tried to put a leash on...he accidently pinched it's skin somehow with it and paralyzed it. Then it died in the morning. The end.

I actually have a couple more stories but I've already typed enough. x_x Just about another cat and my suicidal pregnant hamster.
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Quote from: Ruby on November 26, 2008, 12:54:23 AM
I had a rat as well that my sister gave me named Sky-lee. I didn't come up with the name. Anyway, she was awesome. :( She'd sit on my shoulder and clean herself and just not move from there, or she'd sleep on my stomach. She ended up getting a bunch of tumors on her so I had to get her put to sleep.. I remember when I took her in, one of these people taking their cat in was asking what was in the box, so I showed her and she got really grossed out because it was a rat. Meh, people. :( My rat was cute!

Yeah, it was pretty depressing when my rat died too. They're so smart, and they do a bunch of cool things! I always got irritated when people would get grossed out because he was a rat, but eh. I personally think rats are adorable. Same with my teeny tiny corn snake, which is also very much adorable... but people tend to be pretty disgusted with either. Snakes aren't slimy-- they don't even excrete anything. Ugh. :|

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