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Our economy is great and its keeping us all sane

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2 men, woman slain in Santa Clara:

- Bad economy
- Layoffs
- Economic stress at home
- Shootings and stabbings

How does this affect us as people? What can we do? What can we do, bearing in mind that we have our own livelihoods to be concerned about?

What other things may we DEBATE about?

Their vice president of operations got shot...
I'm the COO, I think I'm going to quit my job and go work at starbucks or something....(I say this as I am in a starbucks posting)

People...honestly have to handle situations better sometimes. If you get laid off, it isn't the end of the world. *Sighs*

Edit: Something funny that Carlos Mencia once said....Race is a funny thing when talking about office place shootings. Carlos was like "Blacks and Mexicans expect to get laid off and handle it really well". "White people are crazy and shoot up post offices".
I'm surprised it was an asian, usually they just beat their wives.

Or as the wonderful stereotype preaches: them Asians bend over and just take it up their a$$...

I have no idea why this is in Serious Business, it's just a news thread. Moved to Things in the Universe.

because its a very serious topic, but I'm not a mod so whateves


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