Serious Business Rules. Updated 5/11

Started by Mizuki, November 16, 2008, 12:57:59 AM

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This is the new complete rule set for this forum.

Be courteous, and respectful. Proper english is highly recommended for people to take you seriously.

Research prior to posting about a topic is recommended too, only for your benefit.

*Edit Dec 14*
After rewriting the rules, I forgot to also put back the "one liner posts are discouraged, and I have the choice to ask you to elaborate on your post, obviously you can choose not to, but I may lose some respect as a reader in future readings"

*5/11 update*
If I feel a discussion is going nowhere, I have the choice to lock it. If you really want to express your opinion, you can PM me (or sysadmin) with what you want to reply with (usually if you have an opinion laid out and details I'll unlock it for you.)


Mizuki's out for a few days, so I'll be acting as moderator.

So, as moderator, I can change the rules a little.  But I'll keep them mostly the same.

  • Proper grammar and English are encouraged, especially if you want people to take you seriously.  However, the fact that someone misspelled one word or left out a period or something trivial does not give you the right to be dismissive of their point.
  • Cite your facts and statistics, if you're going to use facts and statistics.  It's okay to go with opinion statements, like, "I feel that the sky is green..." but those are easily attacked.
  • This is a discussion forum.  No one is obligated to reply to any point.  If someone fails to respond to a point, you can interpret it in any way that you want.
  • I don't play favorites.  In fact, I have equal disdain for all of you.
  • Image macros are allowed to be posted only between 4pm and 8pm Pacific Time.  They're a bannable offense outside of that time.
  • This is mostly a discussion/debate board.  There are no prizes if you win an argument, nor are there penalties for losing.  The best thing that can happen is to see a complex issue from more than one viewpoint.
  • This is a board on an internet forum for FanimeCon, a convention about Japanese animation.  Because of this, many forum users do share similar interests, ideologies, beliefs, syndromes, and concepts.  Deal with this.  Also, deal with the notion that "other ideas that belong to people in other states / cultures / beliefs / ideas" may be complete sane, intelligent, and sober and yet disagree with you.
I probably won't jump into any discussions after this point. 

Mash that report button if there's any problems.

Normal rules go back into effect after Mizuki's return.