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Another teacher goes down...



This hurts. This is the 3rd teacher that I personally know of. Is it me or are more teachers going down for Inappropriate behavior with students? And the worse part if the majority of the ones I see go down (in this area at least) are band directors... my aspiring profession.


It is really hard to throw down a definite cause for this sort of behavior, especially since more often than not, the type of people who do these things are the same people you would NEVER expect. Most of the time, they seem like normal people with loving families, good jobs, and a great life/reputation in the community.

You hate to see these things happen, but realistically, what can really be done that isn't currently done now? Teachers already go through a lot of different certifications, background checks, references, etc. Anything in addition would be on the side of paranoid and ridiculous.

As for your aspiring profession and the current trends, should I be worried about you? =p

Another one

That's kinda old, though.  Mr. Sevinay, the band teacher at Oak Grove High School got busted in 1995 or 1996 for having sex with a student.  This guy from my drama class walked in on them bumping uglies in the band room at lunch one day.  Gross.  And Mr. Sevinay was no prize. 


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