Phone screen broken... can I still retrieve a picture on it?

Started by Hakaru_chan, December 18, 2008, 09:22:45 PM

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my phone screen is showing up white now. I can still hear the button noises and stuff tho. I had a picture I took from fanime this year on it and im really sad that i won't be able to get it now! WAHT SHOULD I DO!  :'(

i have a microsd card slot on the side of my phone and a microsd card 1gb. maybe i can transfer the picture over even if i can't see the screen?

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Hmmm... you could possibly connect your phone to your computer if you have the drivers. I don't really know if it would work but you could try. If you can transfer it to your microsd card I'd say that would be the easiest.


if you know anyone with a R4DS, they probably have a microsd to usb converter. that way you can put your microsd into the usb converter, then take it from the memory card and put it on his cpu etc.

Good luck
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I can *probably* help, if not lead you in the right direction to possibly fix the phone.

What's the model/brand etc.


If the phone still works, just not the screen, it should still transfer.
On my phone, you have to press a button before transfer, so if you know how to activate it, it should work.
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Most phones (if they're not super old) should be read as an external drive when you hook it up to your computer via USB. If you have an SD card for your phone, and saved it onto the card, reading it like any other one should work too. :U

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You're going to want to find out how your phone's menu navigates and basically transfer the files to your microSD (if they're not already on there). From there, it's just a matter of using a microSD to USB reader to take care of the rest. Shouldn't be too hard once you find out how your phone's OS works.
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