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Author Topic: Fanime Forum Awards Thing 2008  (Read 880 times)

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Fanime Forum Awards Thing 2008
« on: December 30, 2008, 11:58:07 PM »

I make this thread almost every year. If it's gonna get moved, then so be it.
Basically, post your own list of your favorite/least favorite things about 2008.

Here's mine as an example, so to speak (you can make up your own list):

Favorite tv show: Total Drama Island
Runner Up: Chase  :D

Favorite movie (in the theaters this year): Wall-E
Runner up: none (I didn't see enough flicks in the theater for fairness)

Favorite things out of the 1980s:
Leda: Yohko (anime)
MD Geist (anime)
Streets of Fire (movie)
The Fixx, "Deeper and Deeper" (song)

Favorite anime that I missed at Fanime: T.T. GURREN LAGANN   XD
Runner up: uh............

Things I hate about 2008:

-Bays Meadows closes forever: Now where am I gonna gamble? Wait a minute.........
-TGI Friday's in Cupertino closes down: Now I have to travel further
-Paul Newman died: Just when I was really getting into his movies. I even wrote a paper on "Slap Shot" for gym class. Damn  :-[
-Some VTA bus lines I liked either got nerfed (65) or axed (38): *Needs to live closer to a Light Rail station*

Oh well, Happy New Year folks!
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Re: Fanime Forum Awards Thing 2008
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2008, 12:02:56 AM »

I tried filling it out, but... uh... I failed.
My memory is limited to about... a month...
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Re: Fanime Forum Awards Thing 2008
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2008, 06:23:28 PM »

I'll edit mine if I think of anything else later.

Favorite tv show: Doctor Who and Project Runway
Runner Up: Ghost Hunters and Mythbusters.

Favorite new tv show: Mentalist
Runner up: Crusoe and Leverage.

Favorite movie (in the theaters this year): Wall-E
Runner up: Dark Knight

Favorite anime: Soul Eater
Runner up: EF -a tale of melodies-, Kuroshitsuji and Yakushiji Ryoko.

Favorite new arcade game: Blazblue

Favorite new (system) game: Soul Eater DS

Favorite new bought merchandise: Aria Shachou figure.

Favorite new (as of 2008) manga: Ice Revolution

Favorite on-going manga: Soul Eater
Runner up: Yankee-kun to Megami-chan and Kuroshitsuji.
Mentionables: Skip Beat, Akuma to Dolce and Karakuri Odetto.

Favorite new manga male character (introduced in 2008): Eibon/Noah - Soul Eater

Favorite female manga character: Niche - Tegami Bachi.

Favorite new anime female characters: Ryoko - Yakushiji Ryoko and Allison - Allison to Lillia.
Runner-ups: Yuuko - EF -a tale of melodies-, Tenori Tiger- Toradora, Mizune, Eruka, and various other Soul Eater characters...

Favorite new learned skill: Working with metal and making jewelry.

Things I hate about 2008:
Crappy life stuff that happened that was out of my control...
"Recession" when I graduated... bleh. Thanks so much. -.-;
The recession....
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