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Started by kscuotakus, October 08, 2003, 11:19:00 AM

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just wondering if any of you lovely otaku are going to:
yaoi-con- october 17th weekend, san francisco
paracon- october 19th, great america
i'm probably going to both, and it'll be interesting to see what these smaller cons have to offer. i guess halloween starts early! hope to see you there!


I haven't heard of paracon, but it's nearby... maybe I will.

I wanna go to yaoi-con -.-;;
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Heh, I might go to Y-Con just to hang out at least on friday and saturday. If I can find a ride, maybe go to Paracon as well. :D
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I am going to Paracon. Expect to see me as Kuzuma Kuwabara fro Yu Yu Hakusho. I might drag down the Zaku II for the costume contest. And I am going to make up some cheesy glomp club badges for those who want to indicate their glompablity or to warn others about you glomping them. See you there.
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Quote from: "Neo-Zaku"And I am going to make up some cheesy glomp club badges for those who want to indicate their glompablity or to warn others about you glomping them. See you there.

"Don't glomp me because I glomp BACK!"

I want a badge like that. ^^  I would love it a lot better if I was female though.
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*sigh* I'm out for both, considering I'm both hurt and underage -___-
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I don't know about Paracon anymore... I'm going to have the PSAT the morning before, but maybe I can talk my mom into letting me go just 'cause I'm taking it ;)


Hmmm..... Paracon? What's that?


Quote from: "KyraEnsui"Hmmm..... Paracon? What's that?

Paracon is at Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara (if you drove around the area at the Westin you probably would've seen a sign or something). It's holding its 3rd year anime day/convention/whatever you'd like to call it.

More info here: http://www.pgathrills.com/events.jsp


O___O!!! I seriously did NOT know about the ParaCon... ooo... that's around last year's Fanime too!! XD And it's in Great America... WAAIII


Now Paracon looks a lot more interesting to me.  Too bad pre-reg to get a nifty badge ended in September.

...anybody think there could be a volunteer department where I could get my reg fee waivered like in Fanime?  I'm kinda poor right now.

Oh well, it's a pretty big sponser for the event anyways.  I doubt it.
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;__: Gah~ I'm already poor because of college. Grr... The sad thing is that I have Mid-terms so I can't go. >_<;;;; What torture!!!


not to be promoting paracon or yaoicon in any way (this is the fanime con board, afterall), paracon is about $20 to $30 to get in, but in some sense, it's worth it if you wanna have some fun in the park as well. all access to the park and the con. but is it's like what i remember the first time i attended two years ago, whoo, it was the worst con ever (comic book shop guy voice here). all the events were in a barnyard type building, there were no cosplayers, no big premieres, no panels. hope things are more hyped up this year.

as for yaoi-con, yeah, this is going to be interesting this year. a con based on a subgenre of anime? shoot, i should make hechicon. anyhoo, you kids gotta be at least 18. i'm not too hip on the boy-fun scene, but i wouldn't mind seeing cosplayers and visiting a the dealers room. yaoi-cons been growing in numbers and popularity, and i love social gatherings... lucky!


yeah i went two years ago too, but i did hear that there was a at least two people who cosplayed (though I never saw them) and cosplayers aren't hard to spot especially when the majority of people at the place is just in regular clothing. I wish o could cosplay, but i want to have fun, and my cosplays could restrict me from doing certain things *sigh* oh well im looking forward to it though! and yeah it was 30 dollars for me for the tickets.

Yesh i am another who is poor too ehehehe ^_~ i probably wont be able to get much, but its still great america!
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i'm going to paracon ^^ my SUPER NICE DAD is paying ^^
i won't be cosplaying, b/c then no water rides for me T_T i love water rides! and the splash zone!

although it is the day after the PSAT, which i'm taking
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Hey hey! I just remembered! Is anyone going to the Metreon Festival of Anime?


It's tomorrow (and I'm not going -- #)($@*^%)*# I forgot to ask and didn't know it was on the 11th >_<) but you can still buy badges and stuff.


yeah the psat's (i think the practice ones or sumthin) are the day be4 paracon, but im not taking it though so it doesn't bother my schedule *must save money*
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Oy, Metreon is right now XD I guess I'm a tad too late to sign up.
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