What does your name mean to you?

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Mine means a lotto me. My name is as says, Leslie. Which is Gaelic/Celtic for Meadow of the Hollies and I believe English for Joy. I love the English translation the most because I can relate to it. A lot of people know me for being a kind, happy, loving, helpful person.

My middle name is Michelle. It is of French and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "who resembles God". I'm not into Religion and stuff... but, COOL.

And my last name, Willis. It is Diminutive of William, or from Will.

My name is also from my father, it's basically a female version of his name, see. Leslie Michelle Willis is my name and Wesley Miguel Willis is his.

Spiffy!!! x33 What about you?


My name is Alexander which means Protector of Mankind which I find funny in a way since I have my qualms with humanity. Lol. But I enjoy the person I'm named after more, Alexander the Great. :P My middle name is Dylan, which is Born from the Ocean. I do enjoy this name since I love to swim and my nickname used to be fish. And my last name is Tischler, which is German for tablemaker or carpenter. I suppose that might imply somewhere along my dad's side my family were carpenters.


According to my mom, she named me Nick because that was the name of Steven Segal's character in a popular movie that came out around the time I was born.
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My name does not mean really anything to me. It does cause he a lot of annoyance, as it being Daniel Letterman gets people to refer to me as David Letterman half the time, which is annoying. Curse you David Letterman, curse you!
But I would much rather go buy my Nickname/Call Sign (Lt) anyways.

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Christine = Disciple of Christ

Linn = Gaelic for the pool at the bottom of a waterfall

What does it mean to me?  I'm named after two MALE family members I never met.  I don't think I'd pick this name for myself, but I don't know if I'd respond to any other name. 
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Apparently, I was named after Michelle Kwan, but my parents let me quit ice skating a long long time ago.
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Johnny is really on my birth certificate. My dad named me Johnny because it was popular and he thought I would grow up to love my name and I did

Andrés meaning: Man, Warrior in Spanish, Greek, and Estonian 8)

Johnny "Warrior" Rodriguez



Joss it's Dutch.

Also I think it's Chinese for luck?

I don't have a middle name

And Evans is Welsh.
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My name, Jennifer means 'white wave' in welsh. My middle name, Marie is french meaning 'bitter sea' Wierd, so now I'm a white wave from a bitter sea? Does that make me the black sheep of the family?
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JT wasn't as common as my real name, J_____.  T is my last initial, so I guess my name represents my real name   ???

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Haha my name is all kinds of awesome

Stephanie= Meaning crowned, The crowned one

Molina= Translates from Japanese Morina meaning forest name, also means windmill from spain

Ravines= Its a mystery but Its eruopean according to most its also has the meaning of Ravine meaning a deep narrow gorge or valley

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I know my first name is derived from Cassandra. But it is also derived from alessandra, the feminine form of alexander. According to http://www.name-meanings.com, my first name means Helper of Humanity and is greek. The alessandra/alexander ones mean protector of mankind and is Latin. I suppose both meanings are pretty close.  In a way, it is pretty cool. But then, I was named after a Judge so that kind of irks me. D:

My middle name is apparently gaelic/celtic and means gracious, merciful. According to behindthename.com, it is derived from Jane or John. -.-; Jane sounds so much better than Jean. D: But if it true pronunciation to the name's origin, it would sound like jane or john anyway. XD;

Franciscus is apparently Latin/Roman origin of some sort. According to the above mentioned site, the first part "Francis" means free. Apparently it is also Frenchmen. -.-; It is also linked to a bunch of friars known as the Franciscans. -.-; The fact that we have our name in the old spelling on a couple of old beer bottles is pretty cool. XD;

I'm not crazy about my name but I won't change it.
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I've posted about names several times before, I think. Names aren't a huge deal in general, but they're somewhat important to me. I have several, but I don't identify with any of them. They're good names, but having a name you don't identify with is an indescribable feeling, and I can't exactly go nameless, so I'm probably changing it to something else, as soon as I settle with something else.

Melissa: Mέλισσα Greek origin, meaning honey bee. If you add an extra "l" into the adaptive name, "Mellissa", it can mean scornful or full of wrath. In Greek mythology, Melissa saved Zeus from his father, Cronus by hiding him in the hills and feeding him milk from Amalthea, and honey. When Cronus discovered this, he turned her into a nymph, but when Zeus came into power, he turned her into a queen.

Kasumi: かすみ Japanese origin, and varies in meaning depending on kanji. I wasn't really given an official meaning for it, but the most common ones are 霞, which means "mist", 香澄 which means "clear aroma" and 香澄美 which is the same thing only "mi" becomes the last kanji, which means "beautiful". List goes on. 嘉澄、 果澄、 花純、 花澄、 華純、 香純、 香澄、 香清、 霞 are all variations of it. "純" in the names is "Jun". It's a pretty, though somewhat common, name. I just hate how cheesy it sounds in English and how people associate it with ninjas when they hear it.

Jiang Yee: 静儀 Chinese origin, which translates literally into "silent ceremonial". The first kanji means "quiet", and the second one means "of ceremony". Is pronounced "Shizugi" when written in Japanese, which isn't an official name, but a nickname. Also, what I type into my computer to get "Jiang Yee". lol

Lenh: 凌 Chinese origin, written in Vietnamese pronunciation due to my biological father being raised in Vietnam, which was through immigration, rather than actually being the Han-Chinese ethnic division, Hoa. The meaning is "to endure". Pronounced "Len" in English and Vietnamese, "Lin" in Chinese and when translated into Japanese.

Bu: 歩 Chinese origin, which is my family's crest, meaning "step". Pronounced "bu".

Sun: 孫 Chinese origin, which means "grandchild". Pronounced like "Sun" in English, "Suin" in Chinese, and "San" when translated into Japanese. This is my coming step-father's name, which my surname will probably be changed to. Yeah yeah, I know. I will be "San-san".

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Some people on here have bossier names then meeh! =O

But now that I think about it, I'm so happy that I have a name that has meaning versus some random ass name that my mom or dad might've pulled out of their ass.

You know, I once read a girl's name on my teachers roll sheet who had the name SQUIRRELISHA.


I totally believe in being creative with names, like the the lady who was helping my little sister in the delivery room's name was Tonisty( How cute!), but at least give your child a name that won't mortify your child in the future. Who knows, the girl who with the Squirrelisha might be able to relate to her name... somehow.


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All my life, there has been a lot of jokes. I didn't like football for a very long time (due to obvious reasons) until later on when you learn to deal and get over the ridicule. Nowadays I just respond back "I'm in the hall of fame bitches, what have you done with your lives? Nothing, that's right, so stfu. Yes, I said it."

Steve- Crowned or to be crowned, king. Male version to Stephanie.

Young is the English version of my Chinese family name. It's difficult to put on here, so I won't even bother. Commonly replaced with Yang.
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From the Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis), which meant "helper" or "defender", derived from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, to help". This was the name of a 3rd-century BC Greek comic poet, and also of several saints. It is used somewhat interchangably with the related name Αλεξιος or Alexius, borne by five Byzantine emperors. In the English-speaking world it is more commonly used as a feminine name.

My mom was going to name me Cassandra, but she changed it when she remembered that a good friend of hers from high school had the name Alexis and thought that it was prettier.

In games I tend to pick characters that are more "defensive". In FFXI, the first job that I really enjoyed doing was Paladin (a defender type of job).
I guess...that ties into it.. and I GUESS I like helping people out...

...for a price  ;D

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My first name is completely made up, and as far as I know it has no meaning. I've never met anybody with the same name before, though there have been a few people with very close names to mine. I've done a little research on seeing if there is a meaning for my name but nada.

My middle name, completely contrasting my first (and last) name, is Rose, which is simply "Of The Rose Blossom". I was named after my grandmother.

My last name, I have no idea either. It has been changed in the past, but only slightly. Basically whoever changed it in my family (which was a long time ago) just added on a few letters to the original, and I can't seem to find a meaning behind the old or new one. So... My name's pretty much left to whatever I want it to mean I guess.


Since this thread inspired me to do it, I decided to look into Mikey's name for him. =P

Michael: מיכאל Hebrew origin, meaning "he who resembles God", and funnily enough, a lot of sites provide me with the meaning of "Who is like God?" with the question mark at the end. Most of him call him Mikey because we know so many Mikes and Michaels.

Ngoc Thanh: Vietnamese origin. Means "Blue jay".

Pham: Phạm Vietnamese origin, with its original Chinese as 范 (Fan) which means "law". The 5th most common Vietnamese surname.

It's funny that his surname means "bee keeping" when my first Western name means "honey bee". Tehe.

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My name means "giver of God." (Christina)
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For a loooooong time I hated my name. I loathed it. My middle name is Mary. I don't know what it stands for, but I wouldn't mind looking it up later. Sometimes I wished I could have been called Mary.

I don't really know what to say about my name, for a long time I haven't really put any thought to it. I don't 'feel' like a Christina.  Nor do I think I look like one. I feel its too fancy for someone like me. To me it's long, unexciting, and the kids can't pronounce it. >:/ 

My last name I am changing either to Milano, or Moore. Moore is my grandma's maiden name. I wouldn't mind Milano, either. Both last names sound alright. I don't really see myself getting married anytime soon or in a few years. And I'll think long and hard before I take someone's last name.

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Quote from: XpHoBiaX on February 04, 2009, 08:57:24 PM
For a loooooong time I hated my name. I loathed it. My middle name is Mary. I don't know what it stands for, but I wouldn't mind looking it up later. Sometimes I wished I could have been called Mary.

I don't really know what to say about my name, for a long time I haven't really put any thought to it. I don't 'feel' like a Christina.  Nor do I think I look like one. I feel its too fancy for someone like me. To me it's long, unexciting, and the kids can't pronounce it. >:/ 

Someone who can somewhat relate.

Not being able to identify with your name is a pretty bad feeling, and having an "overly fancy" name has a sort of pressure a lot of people don't understand. I rarely actually used my first name on most occasions for most of my life, since I was always referred to either my middle name or a nickname. (I've had several nicknames in my life, and my family primarily calls me Niu-niu.)

But you know, can't go without a name. People have to call you something.

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