Rules (updated Feb 11)

Started by sysadmin, February 11, 2009, 11:13:38 AM

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Okay, I'm creating a happy place for people  Hooray.

Basic rules:

  • There is nothing considered "off-topic", although Fanime-convention related activities should probably go to the upper parts of the boards.
  • Mean, unkind, and insulting behavior will get an automatically one week exile.  You can disagree, you can be stupid, you can be an idiot, but you can't cross the line and flame them.  Sorry.
  • No actual swearing (in avatars, signatures, or posts) is allowed.  I'm lowering the threshold to "Whatever can be said by Yosemite Sam" in terms of permitted swear words.

If these rules work for you, welcome.

If they don't, please try out a different area.