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[WTS] A few anime things and etc . Might as well give this a try...

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Everyone else is doing it so I'll do it too. Looks fun. =P. Shoot me a PM if anyone is interested.

Anyways, I'll be as fair as possible. Most of the things don't require Priority mail so I'll do it 1st class unless you REALLY want it Priority. Delivery confirmation will be an extra 50 cents which I strongly suggest you get. Tell me what you're interested and I'll tell you how much it costs for me to ship it. Paypal also please.

So first up for sale is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Yeah, I played it and not a big fan of it I guess... $14 if anyone wants it.

Philips noise canceling headphones. Takes a triple a battery. I don't need this anymore since I got my Bose ones: $10

So, I got these Bose earbuds and I don't really use them. The only thing is that the little silicon ear grips (or whatever they are called, lol) are different shapes since I lost a correct pair. One just happens to be a little larger than the other. You can still use them or buy some replacement ear pieces off Ebay for less than $10 if it bothers that much ( I never had a problem). Price will be $28. I paid $100 for them...;_;

Tenjho Tenge mini-pencil boards. $2 each. Nothing much to say about them..-_-;

Azumanga Daioh artbook. I bought this for $25 a long time ago. Book is not bent or anything wrong with it. The only thing is that there is a small tear on the spin part on the back. Not a big deal but I thought people who care should know. You can see form the picture below. Price $14

Fruits Basket poster. A little bend on the upper right corner and a mark also from something. Will be shown in picture. If curious, ask. Price is $2.

Poster from anime magazine. One side of Afro Samurai and the other side is FMA. Price is $2.

Poster from anime magazine. One side is Disgaea 3 and the other is Bleach. Price is $2

Poster from a magazine. Dunno where it's from. Looks cool. Price is $2

Please Twins poster from some magazine. Forgot. Price is $2

I'm selling these next two as a set. Got it from some Megami magazine a few years back. Price is $3 for both.

Some random anime board thingy. Not sure what it is. $1

CCS postercard sheet. I decided not to cut them up and stuff. Price is $4

Princess Mononoke movie poster. This thing is huge. There are some bends on the sides as well as 4 small pin holes. Nothing crazy messed up about it as you see from the picture. $7

Again, shipping really depends on what it is and how big.

EDIT: Posted a few new things. Too lazy to explain. Picture is all, lol.

Two-sided poster: $2

Two-sided poster: $2

Two-sided poster: $2

Two-sided poster: $2


--- Quote ---Some random anime board thingy. Not sure what it is. $1
--- End quote ---

If you're wondering, that's Heart no Kuni no Alice, an Alice in Wonderland-themed dating sim. The game has an excellent cast.

Ah, alright cool thanks.

I would say dibs on the Voltron Poster, but I don't think I have any room left

If you're also selling at fanime Dibs on the xxxHolic poster!


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