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[WTS] Shakugan no shan cosplay outfit with Alastor Pendent!



Im Trying to sell my Shakugan no Shana Cosplay outfit.

Its new, never been worn outside. (i wore it once just to try it on and thats it).

Im selling it for $50 and shipping is free.

And it came with a Alastor Pendent, so i'll be throwing that in along with the purchase.

Paypal or
Concealed(cash) is acceptable(but be aware its at your own risk) or
We can meet in person (of course it depends on how far you live, we'll meet between both our places to make it fair, and serious buyers only, i dont really want to drive out there and dont have anyone show up.)

The size is
Chest: 36.00


I have this outfit of Shana's

this is how the outfit looks like..

here is my proof of item


I will definitely buy depending on which character's outfit you have!
Photos please!

I have Shana's Winter Outfit.

Then again all the girls wear the same outfit.

but yea.

I'll post pictures soon!...


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