anyone cosplaying as howl from howls moving castle?

Started by arcadiakat, March 08, 2009, 09:29:33 PM

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Hey im looking for a fellow fanime con goer who's going as howl, im going as the grandma verison of Sophie Hatter and Id really like a photo with a howl, anyone (or several someones) going as howl?
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You probably want to post this in the cosplay area. 

However, if you're interested I've been trying to put together a Studio Ghibli gathering at fanime this year.  I know there was at least one Howl who mentioned they'd try to make it as well as a young Sophie with brown hair.  I have a cosplay for young Sophie with Starlight Hair.  Combined with my little Calcifer we could get a pretty good group together. 
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that would be awsome to get a little group together and it would be awsome to show the progression of sophie from young to old and back again im totally up for the idea!
have fabric, will sew. freelace costumer and make-up artist


I'll be wearing my diamond coat Howl at some point, not sure what day yet.