Everything you need to know about Staffing @Fanime. FAQ and Info on how to join.

Started by Steve.Young, March 16, 2009, 12:49:41 PM

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Staff Recruitment page:
Want to find out what staff positions are open?

If you don't see anything that intrigues you, check back often! As of March 16 there are a LOT of new staff positions opening up! More positions may open up as convention time slowly approaches.

Staff Twitter information:


Recently, there has been some discussion on the ramifications of staffers posting on the forums. Please be aware that if you post as a staff member, attendees often take everything you say at face/official value, regardless of whether it is a personal opinion or not. Therefor, if you are a staff member, please remember to follow acceptable code of conduct.

1) Do not flame people, it reflects poorly on yourself and the rest of staff.
2) Do not post information regarding events that you are unsure of or cannot validate the accuracy of the information. You may give an opinion, but state it as such before you give the information. (Example, "Past years, this event has been at this location and time. It's been pretty consistent over the years, so it could be at the same place/time. I'm not exactly sure, so look out for an official announcement.")
3) Do not post/leak information that has not been announced yet.

"Remember that posting on the Fanime forums unlike other forums does have repercussions in real life. Be aware of the effects of your posts. Staff posts can, will, and HAVE had adverse effects on them staffing again." -Eric, Director of Fan Services

"I've seen many posts/emails from people that were meant to be personal (i.e. not related to FanimeCon in anyway) that have had the person's signature on the bottom. Bottom line is that you have to always watch what you say and make sure that there is a clear distinction between personal and professional. " - Milton, Director of Marketing

If you have any questions about staffing for Fanime, feel free to PM me on the forums or contact me at Steve AT Fanime dot com.
I can answer any specific staff questions or if you need me to forward you information/contact information about a specific department.
Director of Marketing
Staff Moderator - Fanime Forums.

Please PM me with any questions, comments, or concerns.




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