I think i'm ready but...

Started by ELDEMONIO, April 22, 2009, 12:23:39 PM

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I looked up my payment status and it showed a badge number. I remember I heard I need to print it out once I get it. I never received a e_mail saying it was ready. I just saw it today. I want to know if I need to print that page out and give it to the dudes that give the badges out. It showes my adress and so on so I think its the right one. Do I take that one or still wait? It's my first year going to a Con so sue me. :-\

And where do I go to turn the paper and ID in?Is their a sign that says "Badges available here"?

And I heard that you can get it early. Can I get mine soon or wait until may 15 to get it.Thank You.:)


I believe when we're closer to the con you'll get an email telling you what you need to print and bring.

The registration area is located straight in front as you enter the convention center via the main entrance. That is where you will pick up your badge. If you pre-registered (pre, NOT early) then you will be able to pick up your badge early on Thursday, the day before the con (5/21). Times TBA.
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