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[WTS] 3 Nintendo DS Games All imports


All games are in Japanese but the first two are easy to navigate through without the use of a FAQ.But for the third game Bleach you might

First one :  Jump Ultimate Stars (SOLD)

Online versus mode available.

Jump ultimate stars is a Nintendo DS game, based on the weekly Shonen Jump manga. The game brings together characters from a vast number of animes and mangas to brawl it out smash bros style with up to 4 players inside comic book themed arenas. The game comprises of over 300 characters from 41 different mangas!

Some of the Mangas represented are:
* Black Cat
* Bleach
* Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
* Buso Renkin
* Captain Tsubasa
* Cobra
* D.Gray-man
* Death Note
* Dr. Slump
* Dragon Ball
* Eyeshield 21
* Gintama
* Hokuto no Ken
* Hoshin Engi
* Hunter × Hunter
* I"s
* Ichigo 100%
* Jigoku Sensei Nūbē
* JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
* Jungle King Ta-chan
* Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
* Kinnikuman
* KochiKame
* Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro
* Midori no Makibaou
* Muhyo to Rouji no Mahoritsu Soudan Jimusou
* Naruto
* Ninku
* One Piece
* Pyū to Fuku! Jaguar
* Rokudenashi Blues
* Rurouni Kenshin
* Saint Seiya
* Sakigake!! Otokojuku
* Shaman King
* Slam Dunk
* Taizo Mote King Saga
* The Prince of Tennis
* Tottemo! Luckyman
* Yu-Gi-Oh!
* YuYu Hakusho

Footage of this game:

Heres another Video of some of the crazy things you can do in the game:

Second Game: Prince of Tennis: Crystal Drive 2005 / Tennis no Ouji-sama 2005: Crystal Drive

Genre: Sports, Tennis
No Online Mode

This is a game based off the manga Prince of Tennis, its pretty straight forward game you play Tennis unlock more characters and perform signature moves based on the characters. The AI is actually pretty difficult on the highest setting, it will keep you entertained for a while unlocking each character.

Last Game: Bleach DS 2nd / Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Chinkon Uta

Online versus mode available.

Bleach DS 2nd, is a fighting game based off the Manga Bleach. The game itself doesn't follow the story-line at all. But the fighting itself is pretty fun. Considering this game has online you can easily go find people through random or you can go to the gamefaq boards to and get peoples FC's.

I'll be at fanime friday-sunday so if you want just pm me so we can arrange to meet up at the con if your interested to buy this games. Also for anyone interested in getting Bleach for free, you will have to beat me at a game of Jump:Ultimate Stars 3-5 with rules.

You can contact me via:

Aim: Solequincy


All transaction are made at Fanime.
I'm Willing to negotiate the prices as well or trade.


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