Genres of Anime Panel

Started by Kiara, April 28, 2009, 11:21:34 PM

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Name: Genres of Anime
Time: Monday, 1pm-2pm
Location: Mariott Hotel, Salon III

*Be aware that I'm not sure if this time/place is finalized. It may change. If it does, I'll let you know. I have no idea what goes on in the minds of the panel Gods.*

This is actually a panel my friend wants to run, but I'm going to be her helper. Since I don't believe she has a forum account, I'm the one posting this. We'll show you all the different Genres of anime, and give you a few examples. If you're unsure what kind of Anime someone would like, come to this panel! Also, have you ever wanted to get your parents into anime? I know I sure did! So we'll be giving you some advice on a few great anime series that might get your parents interested. Or your friends. Or your siblings. Or just about anyone. We'll cover as many genres as we can in a one hour period. This panel is on Monday, and there's not much to do on Monday, but come to our panel, we'll make your day more fun! (I might have a little quiz at the end of the panel based on what was covered, and there will be prizes! That is just a maybe though, gotta ask my friend who's in charge of this one.

Anyone have any questions/comments/suggestions? If you plan on going, post here so I have a small idea of how many people I should expect.

Thanks everyone!

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