Fanimecon '10 Musicfest, What band would you suggest?

Started by BumbleB, May 03, 2009, 10:22:10 PM

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Quote from: asngtrst on December 29, 2009, 11:38:11 AM
My band would like to perform as an opener! :D if its okay, we have demo tapes that are in the making. Our choice of songs are Asian Kung Fu Generation (Ajikan). 

Send your band info (demo, band bio/history) to val[at]fanime[dot]com or musicfest[at]fanime[dot]com. We're still working on headlining acts first, so it may take a couple of months before we even get to locals ^^;
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GS Dragono

I doubt it would happen, but I'm throwing out Kalafina :3 They're my current musical obsession, at the moment. I've heard they've preformed at Anime Boston, and I would die to see them live x-x


I think COOL&CREATE would be an excellent, good energy, fan-involved band.





I still vote for Back-on~

They've done quite a few anime OP's and music is really catchy
Really enjoyable~
Just throwing it out there.   ;D
I think they'll be pretty realistic to book, since they've played at Anime USA A few times.

....sell my soul to fanime if you get them.
Maybe >.>


If any of these people come to Fanime, I will be very happy.  There's plenty to choose from...

IOSYS-3L, miko; Silver Forest-sayuri; COOL&CREATE-Beat Mario
Anyone who has sung for I've Sound; i.e. Kawada Mami, KOTOKO, Shimamiya Eiko, Mell, Lia, ayana, etc.
Anyone who has sung for Maeda Naoki; i.e. BeForU, TERRA, Kosaka Riyu, NAOKI
fripSide, ayane, savage genius, angela, Tamaki Nami, T.M. Revolution, Takahashi Hitomi, yousei teikoku,
TENMON or anyone who has sung for TENMON; i.e. Elisa, Gotou Mai
Kajiura Yuki or anyone who has sung for Kajiura Yuki; i.e. FictionJunction, See-Saw, Kalafina, etc., and their respective artists,
supercell, nagi
Kanno Yoko or anyone who has sung for Kanno Yoko; i.e. Maaya Sakamoto, May'n, Ilaria Graziano, Origa, Megumi Nakajima, AKINO, etc.
Anna Tsuchiya, OLIVIA,
Mizuki Nana, Chihara Minori, Ishikawa Chiaki, Takahashi Yoko, Shimokawa Mikuni, Makino Yui, Kuribayashi Minami,
Tanaka Rie, KOKIA,
Nakagawa Shouko, Hirano Aya,
Utada Hikaru (cept she's already on a tour in the states), Hamasaki Ayumi,
YUI, the brilliant green (Tommy Heavenly6)


the GazettE.

; - ; If they came...I'd cry.
Literally, I'd cry.

Alice Nine, Plastic Tree, Girugamesh (>>lol), Matenrou Opera...are all good choices too...~
I think rotating between genres of Japanese music would be really good.

An Cafe was Oshare Kei/J-Popness, last year's guess (O_O; her name escapes me..Moi?somethingsomething?) was J-Popness and Anime/Otaku-y, and I was hoping this year could be a little rougher around the edges. /cough Jrock.

Pretty please. ; - ;
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The Trax for Fanime Musicfest 2010,  I mean come on it won't hurt if there is a deal that can be done.... 


Quote from: Acid_Android on November 10, 2009, 09:08:29 PM

As much as I would love love LOVEE for Arashi to be at MusicFest, they're scheduled to do a drama in the springtime staring all five of them, sooooo that might be difficult.

Not to mention they're beyond super popular that they'd probably cost more than what we spend to run the entire convention.

I hardly post on here, but I DO look at the suggestions, so keep them coming!

oh my gah, if arashi came... it's nearly impossible, they're beyond super popular right now.


Would it be possible for Nami Tamaki to be there? O.o


Hey guys there is this really cool band called The Slants. They're from Portland, Oregon, and their genre is Chinatown Dance Rock. They put on an awesome concert and they make sure the fans are involved. They're on both myspace and facebook, so look them up! I would really like to see them at Fanime!


Uhm... that is not a genre of music, and there is a sticky thread for musical suggestions in the event forum.



How bout Gackt?

*runs from the pitchforks and torches*

Ops Div


Kimeru was in Korea and France. It would be amazing if he came.

However, this one electronic group called 'Capsule' would be very neat to have at Fanime. <3 They've done a lot of mixes for other groups like Clazziquai and what not; and they're under the same label as Perfume~ Ooh Perfume would be fun too! ^_^

We are the Kira...


Here would be my top three in order of enthusiasm for each:

- the GazettE (a. their music and lives are amazing b.they have a very devoted fanbase who would fly in just to see them = more attendance/money for the con c. like chifunii, I may cry with joy)
- girugamesh (because they rock, hard)
- D'espairsray (again, amazing)



I like the idea of Nujabes...It'd be cool if he could perform with Shing02 (who lives in the Bay Area) as well.

I'd also like to request:

Capsule (seems more likely because it's just Yasutaka and Toshiko)
Yuya Matsushita (r&b/urban pop, played Sebastian in the Kuroshitsuji musical)
Soil & "Pimp" Sessions (crazy club jazz band)
Lotus Juice
Tokyo Jihen or Shiina Ringo

I'd request Gackt, but since he likes to go all out, I think he'd need at least a year in advance, haha.


Quote from: paragyaru on January 25, 2010, 11:55:59 PM
I'd request Gackt, but since he likes to go all out, I think he'd need at least a year in advance, haha.

And about 500,000$

Besides, he's not even considered a musician anymore despite releasing songs occasionally (and December Love song like 149823985325 times). He's a TV personality now.