2009 Fanime Weapons Policy

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Fanime 2009 Weapons Policy
                  Fanime Rovers

WEAPONS qualify as:
•   Anything that looks like or resembles a danger to anyone, including law enforcement, from 20 feet away, under any conditions.
•   If there is a reasonable chance the object may cause physical harm, could be used to cause physical harm, or could make a person believe they could come to harm.
•   Anything that could be used in a menacing manner.
The effectiveness of the object or the skill of the person in possession of the object is not relevant when determining
whether or not the object is a weapon.
Prohibited Weapons:
Real weapons are not permitted.
Live Steel
Live steel is not permitted.  Live steel is defined as swords, knives, or other objects made of metal that can take an edge.  Dull metal weapons are considered live steel, and therefore are not permitted.  Live steel in a scabbard or protective cover is still not permitted.
Guns and Projectile Weapons
Guns and projectile weapons of any kind are not permitted.  Examples of guns and projectile weapons include, but are not
limited to, live guns, live gun replicas, pellet, BB, airsoft, dart, water, blowguns, or crossbows. 
Flail Weapons
Flail weapons are not permitted. Examples of flail weapons include, but are not limited to, whips, floggers, maces, nunchaku, and any weapon with attached moving parts. 
Incendiary Devices
Incendiary devices are not permitted.  All devices which spark, shoot flame, burn, smolder, can otherwise self-initiate
combustion, or which exist for no purpose other than to be lit with a combustion device, are considered incendiary devices.
Concealed Weapons
No concealed weapons. (This is State Law)
Permitted Weapons:
All permitted weapons shall be subject to approval by SoS staff.
Prop/Toys Guns
Prop guns that are easily identifiable as toys, provided the prop gun possess no moving parts and is clearly marked with a non-removable orange tip or colored in a bright safety color shall be permitted.
Prop Flail Weapons
Prop flail weapons made of foam and/or paper shall be permitted so long as they are ornamental and in no way used as offensive or defensive weapons.
Staves, Staffs, Wooden Swords
Staves, bo sticks, boken, shinai, and wooden swords shall be considered prop weapons and shall be permitted so long as they are ornamental and in no way used as weapons.
Purchasing a Weapon
•   All weapon sales shall follow Federal, State and Local laws and statutes.
•   Weapons shall not be sold to minors.
•   All weapons sold shall be in a box, bag or other device rendering it ineffective and inaccessible and shall remain within applicable laws for concealed weapons.
•   Weapons shall not be carried around loose. 
•   If a weapon is purchased at an event, you shall remove the weapon from convention-occupied space or, if the weapon meets the requirements to be peace-bonded, shall have the weapon peace-bonded.
Carrying a Weapon
•   In order to carry a weapon at the convention, you must be in costume. 
•   All weapons that are carried, either in hand or on/in a costume, must meet the requirements to be peace-bonded or must be peace-bonded.   
•   Staff, guests, and members who are participating in Masquerade and wish to use a weapon that is not permitted shall contact the Rovers Office for approval. 
•   Any weapon approved for Masquerade but not approved for the general convention shall be securely transported to Masquerade in a box, bag or other device rendering it ineffective and inaccessible. 
•   Once at Masquerade, the weapon shall be checked-in with the Masquerade Weapons Master. 
•   When the individual participating in Masquerade is ready to perform, the individual shall checkout the weapon from the Masquerade Weapons Master. 
•   Once the performance is over, the individual shall check the weapon back in with the Masquerade Weapons Master. 
•   The Masquerade Weapon Master shall maintain the weapon until the end of Masquerade. 
•   When Masquerade is over, the individual shall pick up their weapon from the Masquerade Weapons Master and securely transport the weapon back to their hotel room or vehicle.
Violations of Weapons Policy
Violations include but are not limited to:
•   Carrying a weapon that does not meet the requirements to be peace-bonded
•   Failure to have a weapon peace-bonded,
•   Removing the peace-bonded tag on a weapon
•   Brandishing a weapon
Violations of the Weapons Policy shall result in disciplinary action including but not limited to:
•   A verbal warning
•   Expulsion from the convention
•   Reporting you to the local authorities
Who: Any staff, guest, or member who wishes to carry a weapon as part of their costume shall have that weapon peace-bonded.  This is regardless of any training, credentials, age, maturity, or status as a general member, staff member, or guest.

What: Peace-bonding is the process of approving a weapon to be carried by staff, guest, or member who is in costume.   

When: Peace-bonding shall be done as soon as possible after entering convention-occupied space. This includes all public hallways of the hotels, anywhere in the convention center, and any space set aside for convention use.

Where: Peace-bond stations are be located at the exit to Dealer's hall and all Info booths.

How: Peace-bonding is done by having a Rovers member examine the weapon in question to ensure that the weapons meets the requirements and guidelines set forth by the Weapons Policy.  Weapons that meet the Fanime Weapons Policy requirements and guidelines shall be tagged with a non-destructive peace-bonding tag.  Tagging the weapon tells Fanime staff that you have read, understand, and agree to follow the Weapons Policy and that the weapon is approved to be carried at the convention. Subject to Rover oversight, review, and discretion.
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