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It's gone...


Uh oh.

It seems that low level sea disturbance was, in fact, a volcano.
It's erupted pretty strongly in the area, and neighboring boards have been affected.

Things in the Universe is on fire, but it should return to normal soon..

But byo/b/ took the brunt of damage.  All those flaming threads added to the carnage,
and the whole thing quickly became covered in volcanic ash.

It's like it never existed at all.  Maybe one day, someone will be able to dig out the older threads of byo/b/
Or maybe all of its drama will be forever lost to history.

Will anyone be able to rebuild over that territory? Time will tell.

I was just about to post to the thread about not ogling women, and... it's just a mess here, now. I can still see the twisted wreckage.

I wonder how this will end. I can only see anarchy. Not that it was paradise to begin with... but maybe something can good come out of this.
(I mean, beyond my advice about not ogling women.)

It's been over four years and I'm still here, a castaway among ruins. Only now did I notice the terrible typo I made so long ago.


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