Gatherings/Event URL List 2014 Edition 4/26

Started by BSaphire, May 17, 2009, 03:34:57 PM

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Fanime '14:::

Sango (Inuyasha)
Vivaldi (HnKnA)
Tsubaki (Future Diary)
003 (Cyborg 009)
Chaika (Hitsugi no chaika)
Goth Annie (League of Legends)
Ashura (Tsubasa)
Catwoman (maybe)


hi, still going to be in charge of the Tiger and Bunny gathering just that the link has been changed:,18682.0.html




Cosplays in work:

Gatherings in charge of in 2017:
Steven Universe


the ouran high school host club C.c thred:

I'm just helping keep track of the C.c thred for the kingdom hearts gathering:

(that is if i didnt already post these. XD )
My Cosplay For Fanime 2024:
Thursday: Closet Kaminari/Yuri (BNHA/Yuri On Ice)
Friday: Goth (Boyfriends)
Saturday: Red (Pokemon & Smash Bros)
Sunday: Casual Kaminari (BNHA)
Monday: Goth (Boyfriends)


Cosplays in work:

Gatherings in charge of in 2017:
Steven Universe


Hi well, 2014 will be my first year cosplaying at Fanime Con. Will be cosplaying the following,

Tsukimi Kurashita- Princess Jellyfish/Kuragehimeb
Sasha Blouse- Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Stocking Anarchy- Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Konata Izumi- Lucky Star

Needed members for any. Thank you v.v


Hi, All, I'm revived!

All Things CLAMP 2014,7816.0.html

BSaphire, let me know if you want to talk about TWEWY Game :D
Upcoming events:

YCon | PMX | ALA | AOD | Fanime | AX



Hey BSaphire I was just wandering out of curiosity if we needed approval for a gathering because I feel that the best way is to have it on these forums. I have a few friends and know quite a lot that would love a blazblue gathering at Fanime. Your reply would be appreciated for my question, and thank you for taking your time to read and answer my question.


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kiryuuin satsuki / wadanohara


fanime 2014: togami byakuya, owari akane, yamada hifumi, shannon, mankanshoku mako


Gathering/Event Name: Fanime Homestuck Gathering 2014
URL from Fanime Forums &/or Fanime thread:
Fanime Post:,18915.msg470650.html#msg470650
Tumblr Post:
Facebook Post:
Your Forum name: Tsubasakissu/Cyanidecatnip

Gathering/Event Name:  SuperwholockGathering 2014
URL from Fanime Forums &/or Fanime thread:
Fanime Post:,17927.0.html
Your Forum name: Tsubasakissu/Cyanidecatnip



Dead by Daylight gathering organizer



The sun was raising up above the high
and dense entangled spider's web.  The dew
was dripping from the silky strings and down
through canopy to underbrush.  It splashed
the puddle making one more fountain spring.