General Thread for Roommates Wanted - Fanime 2009

Started by KyraEnsui, August 25, 2008, 06:18:35 PM

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I still need 1-2 more female roomies!! ANY AGE!!

pm me if you need a place to stay  ;)


Are you people serious? I asked most of you on here for a spot and then the next day you say you don't got it. What's up with you peeps? We'll I'm not that mad but I just wanted to point out that some of you are lying about haveing an open spot. As for me I decided to just crash at this place for one night, drinkers/smokers are welcome. Must be 21+ to go, it's during the hentai night. Don't bother to pm me your gonna have to just find us at fanimecon. 
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I have had 1 spot open ever since I posted...
so IDK what you're talking about
also I had a person cancel on me so maybe that's why they have spots now  :o
because their room-mates aren't reliable/dependable  ???

please be nice :)



hey all :]

kind of last minute, but I had a few people cancel on me....SO:

I have a room booked at the Marriott, Friday - Monday (05/22 - 05/25)
I have about 3 - 4 spots available, and depending on the number of people the price will be $60 - 70

The name's kat, i'm 19 & my other friends are the same agee :] We're reallie friendly and awesome!! PM if you're interested....we don't discriminate based on age, sex, race, whuteverr.....but cleanliness & friendliness is a must~!
Please message me back ASAP and let me know!

Thanks guys :)


I still have 1 or 2 spots open if people still need a room. We're charging per day, as most people only need a place for 2 days. If you want to stay for the full time, just pm me and I'll get you the contact info for the person who paid for the room. ;)

QuoteMy friends and I are looking for some roomates as well. I don't know if they posted this message or not, but we're staying at the Marriot and it's $25 per day/night. We're also staying Thurs-Monday. There's only about 3 of us right now, some people backed out. Most of us are over 21, or at least 21. (I'm 24)

It doesn't really matter with us if you are male or female. We're a laid back group, and don't mind meeting new people.

I'll be getting the room info soon, and you can just message me via PM for contact info.

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Is that a per night or weekend cost?  I'm new to this....


i have 1 maybe 2 spots open in my room due to people flaking out.

i'm staying at the fairmont in a suite
be prepared for parties
18+ only


I'm doing a repost of an early ad and adding more clear information. > . o;;

My friend (Ushitora) and I are staying at the Marriott Friday until Monday checkout.

It is currently looking for possibly two roommates, two per a bed, in a double bed room.
Currently looking for $100-150; the price lowering with each addition of a new roommate.

Chill and friendly environment. Having a room full of anime, games, etc. Yet respectful, clean and orderly room; mainly a place to store luggage and crash from we're all pooped out from Fanime and drama free.

Here's a picture of my friend for reference

and me

Thanks. :)


For my ad, it's per night. Though feel free to pm me for info.

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Hey, I am looking for people who have already set up a room and are looking for any roomates. Money would be no problem in terms of room payments. But there's one thing I need to say: I won't be down in San Jose until Saturday. Would that be cool with any of you?


I am looking for up to 2 roommates (up to 4 if slightly cramped is not a problem).  I am registered at the Marriott.  I check in on Friday the 22nd and check out on Monday the 25th.  Currently, there are 3 age 21+ males in the room.  18+ roommates are most preferred (but I can accept others if you speak to me about it).  Any gender is acceptable.  We are respectful and clean (we do shower at least once a day).  Payment will only be billed for nights spent, and can be paid right before leaving.  The cost is currently about $80 each for the 3 of us for all 3 nights.  The more that stay, the cheaper the cost will be.  Alcohol will be present, as well as games.  If you have any special requests, we will try to do what we can to accommodate.  You can PM me or e-mail me at [email protected].


raymond645 (and anyone else curious):
I believe our full weeked (thurs-monday) stays are filled, but we can still do overnight stays. $25 is what we're charging.

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Quote from: Long on April 27, 2009, 11:28:59 AM
Okay. Room at the Marriott (basically right in the convention center). Roomie needed. $72.50 for the entire weekend (Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night) up front.

Whose inside already: 2 guys, one 20 (me), one 18, and 1 girl (18). Preferably looking for one more girl, but another guy is doable. 18+ please.

Rules: No smoking (in room), pr0n, secks, late night parties, drugs, etc. You know the drill. Drinks are fine, but not excessively. Be quiet when people are sleeping.

If you're a guy, be willing to sleep on the floor on alternating nights. Girls get their own beds. We have one king and one rollaway.

We're cool people, and we just wanna hang out and have fun. Drama is annoying. JOIN USSSS. ;B

E-mail me at [email protected] for correspondence.

Btw: Willing to carpool if you're from the Sacramento/Davis area.
Still lookin. =]

And for the people who keep thinking I'm an axe murderer, here's my myspace:


Quote from: XpHoBiaX on May 16, 2009, 08:00:15 PM
raymond645 (and anyone else curious):
I believe our full weeked (thurs-monday) stays are filled, but we can still do overnight stays. $25 is what we're charging.

For your overnight stays it can be any night? Where can we find you at?
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Quote from: justkitteh on March 28, 2009, 12:48:26 AM
I have a room in the Fairmont and it looks like I have room for at least a few people, it'll probably be like $50 for the weekend (Fri-Mon). My room is co-ed so male or female is fine (there are already both genders, so no one's "alone"). My only rules are that you shower (or you will be made to by force, seriously) and have an awesome time. There is obviously no smoking in the room, but what you do outside is your business if you're antisocial (don't be) or everyone's if you care to make friends (you should). If you happen to smoke remember, fight the power, and enjoy those new taxes on the first!

As for me, I'm 21, I am from the East Bay though I currently reside in Pasadena (and am offering rides up for those interested). I'm like 5'6 or so, and blonde... er, here's a picture (left):
Contact: AIM: svghax - email: [email protected] - phone: 510 229 9276

Updating: I have one, maybe two open spots left, probably two from the sound of it. Emailing me is probably the best way to get in touch, but whatever is fine, just let me know a bit about yourself in an email and I'll get back to you ASAP (usually within the hour at most).


Quote from: DentyneIce408 on May 17, 2009, 01:45:15 PM
Quote from: XpHoBiaX on May 16, 2009, 08:00:15 PM
raymond645 (and anyone else curious):
I believe our full weeked (thurs-monday) stays are filled, but we can still do overnight stays. $25 is what we're charging.

For your overnight stays it can be any night? Where can we find you at?

I'll be PM'ing you. I won't be able to answer to this topic anymore, the last few days I won't be online as I am getting ready to leave.

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About us: We are two 20 year old completely awesome females looking for roommates so that it makes the cost cheaper. We're nice people and we don't steal.

Hotel Information: We are staying at The Marriot, Friday morning to Monday afternoon. We are asking for $50 for the weekend. If we get more people then we might lower it, if we don't it will still stay the same and we will pay the price difference.

What we are looking for: We don't care if you're male or female. No age requirement. Please don't steal. And bathing is a must. Besides that we're pretty laid back. We don't care what your sleeping habits are, come and go as you wish.

Random Information: You will have to either be willing to share a bed or sleep on the floor some nights. As of right now we have 9 people.  I have had 10+ people in a room for the last two years and didn't have any problems. The only thing that came up missing was a phone charger. Right now we are looking for one or two more people.

If you have any questions or are interested in rooming with us you can just message me here. If you want to  get to know a little about me you can go to my myspace. Here is my friends page as well.




Hi, me and my friend need 2-4 more people to split the cost of an already reserved room at the Fairmont Hotel.

Keep in mind that the Black and White B

Please send an AIM message to kamzislash or email [email protected] with your information.
If we get a total of 4 people it will be around 90 a person.


Hello, me (Aaron) and my friend Rodney have had a 2 of our friends flake on us so we need 2 or more new room mates for our nice room at the Fairmont we had reserved.

Please email [email protected] with a few minor details about yourself, or send an AIM to kamzislash.

If we have four people it will be around 90 for the whole weekend, less per person if we have more up to a maximum of six.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Hey everyone, I need some fast help! I posted here earlier, and some of you replied, but I ended up finding a room and saying no thank you. Now that room isn't possible since I won't be able to have a keycard for it, and I NEED a keycard. So I'm once again trying to find a last minute hotel. Here's  a little about me:
-18 year old female
-Doesn't smoke/drink
-Outgoing but not all party crazy or anything. And No drama from me ever. Drama is evil.

I REALLY need to find a room, but I'm kinda being specific on what I need becaus eI'm hosting panels and coming form 2 hours away and changing cosplays and stuff.

-Marriot or Hilton
-Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night. If no Thursday that's fine too.
-Any amount of people in the room is fine, I don't mind the floor.
-I only have 50 dollars for a hotel room, but I'm willing to fix costumes or style wigs, or help with whatever else is needed in order to help pay for the room if it's more than 50.
-The most important thing is that I MUST have a keycard to the room, because I have to host 3 panels and change costumes at least twice a day. I'm going to be super busy at Fanime, so I won't have time to run around looking for whoever has a keycard to the room.

If you have space in your room for me, PLEASE send me a PM. I'm desperate right now, because Fanime is only a few days away.

Also, if you've sent me an invite to your room already and I turned it down, you can send it again. I deleted all my Inbox messages, so I don't have any of your information anymore, and there were a few earlier offers I'm considering now.

Please and Thank You!

Cosplayer/Photographer in the East Bay.