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Started by Sachiko, December 03, 2003, 03:01:47 PM

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List your favorite manga series! ^__^ I'm talking about series that are only our in manga XD Ok... find.. so that really limits a lot of series.. just series of manga in general then ^_^; *niko* Onegai? XD


Ok when you make something like this you gotta check if there is one already... but oh well my favorites would have to be
2.Ranma 1/2
4.Battle Angel Alita
6.Fist Of The North Star
7.Mai The Psychic Girl
8.The Guyver
10.Every Issue Of Shonen Jump
and so much more...

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If you just asked english ones, I think only a few are actually *official* english comics.
Naruto, Shaman King, Clover, Uzumaki, GTO, Happy Family.

The others would be:

1. MPD_Psycho   2. Doll   3. Loki   4. Kamui   5. Bis-Gamers   6. Happy Family   7. Saiyuuki   8. Saiyuuki Gaiden   9. Shoujyo Shounen   10. Tenshi Shukushi   11. High Score   12. God Child   13. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge   14. Meikai Rakugo   15. Akuma no Ororon   16. Yamino teishu   17. Baroque    18. Diablos   19. Persona   20. Star Ocean 4 panels   21. Narutaru    22. Hellsing   23. Shounen Shinkaron  24. Gekka Kajin 25. Imouto  26. Blame  27. Sekai de Ichiban daiikirai   28. Hitsuji no Namida   29. JyoseiMousouKoushougun   30. Angel Sanctuary   31. Candy Candy   32. Goudou Drugs   33. Ragnarok   34. Black Jack ni Yoroshiku   35. Princess Princess   36. Devi Devi   37. Garasu no Kamen   38. Tennis no Oujisama   39. Mr. Fullswing  40. Whistle   41. Bullet   42. Ashura   43. Baby Love 44. Onmyouji 45. Akuma de Sourou  

and I'll stop at 45. No one will go through all of them anyways. BUT THERE'S MORE I CAN RANT :3 And you can obtain most of these off Internet sites with translations :3 And I do have them cause the Japanese Book store at Moorepark sold them so they're technically in the U.S. And I only listed Series. (I have more that aren't series)  And *rants*

Sachiko: Fix your Typos. There' confusing
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In no particular order XD

Petshop of Horrors
Wish (Okay, damn it, it's cute and fluffy and I love it XD)
Midare Somenishi
Love Mode


well here are mine:
Ghost In The Shell
Sailor Moon
Tokyo Mew Mew
Kare Kano
Love Hina
Gundam:The Origin
Gundam:Char's Deleted Affair
Gundam W:Episode Zero
The Big O
Gunsmith Cats
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Oh My Goddess
Seraphic Feather
Azumanga Daioh
G Gundam
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Favorite/owned complete manga series... (all original Japanese)
- Video Girl Ai
- II's (aizu)
- DNA^2
- Shadow Lady
- Present from Lemon
- Zetman
- Initial D
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Quote from: "swordofthebezerk"Ok when you make something like this you gotta check if there is one already...

Gomen 0_o! I did expect one to be around already.. but... like I'll hunt for it? XD


I don't think there is one like this...I know there have been a few fav anime threads...but not this one

*hugs sachiko-san* is ok  :D
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Actually there is but its ok i forgive you.

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haha weird...

GTO, Naruto, King of Bandits Jing, Love Hina, Ranma 1/2, One Piece
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