It. Is. TIME! 8D

Started by obliviousedward, May 22, 2009, 07:43:27 AM

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Today's the daaaaay. ;D  I'm so pumped!

Just wanted to come on here and wish everyone a happy con!

Have fun everyone. <3
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YAY! But this morning is a bit cold. See you all there.
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i'm loading the car to leave!
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I don't leave till saturday, 2:00pm   :-\ ....  then I gotta drive from vallejo to san jose and wait in line for my badge?
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I'm taking off in 2 hours for 3 hour drive!

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Hope you guys will have a great con!

Unfortunately, I won't be a registered attendee this year, since I'm planning for another convention out of town, but I'll still hang around the convention hall and Stage Zero on Saturday.

I can't wait to come back for next year.


A.K.A. "Mr. Zeon Flag" Laughing Man MK. VI: with Power Ranger Gloves, Mustache and Zeon Flag in hand is 100%


Leaving right now. Going to Be Zange today.


I will only be able to make it on Sunday, trying to see if I can get a piece of Monday too.

Please enjoy the con, everyone. :3
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I'm here! Look for Dedede!
Tsunade! Where are you?!! I promise I don't bite.

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Look for me too D: I want to meet at least some people from the forums xD. PM for my # maybe? bwhahaha.
Who should I call next? The Shrimp?


someone from forum saw me. I dont exactly look at most people's username, so dont know who he was o.O
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