FanimeCon: Where Amazing Happens (2009 Edition)

Started by heeroyuy135, May 25, 2009, 02:51:37 AM

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Quote from: G.S. LXVIII on May 26, 2009, 07:03:25 PM
- Yaoi-Con Bingo. "[beatboxing] YAOI [more beatboxing]" "[beatboxing] FIAH POWAH [more beatboxing]"

XDDD THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!  Now I wish I went to that


For me...Since it was my first Fanime, I really didn't know what to expect but here it goes:

-The protestors, just cause they amused me and I got to yell at them.
-Making the best friends EVAR.

and just everyone there.  Everyone was amazing.


This was my first time attending fanime but I have to say my favorites were:

-becoming super famous after the "create that anime" panel (I'm Alante)
-The dance I went every night and my legs hate me for it now (BOOM)
-magically running into my fanime crush moments before I had to leave on Monday =)
-playing elevator bingo

All in all I can without a doubt say fanime was the best weekend of my life.
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Asking a couple people for their Facebooks to keep in touch with them.
Having my friend get asked out at 2AM (They met during the B/W Ball. :D)[and then called me later to talk about it]
Babysitting my sister with my friend and her sister. Had lots of fun together. :)
O_O; Saw a billion people around Kero-kun and almost died.

Least favorites...
My friend wanted to buy the Doraemon backpack, but when she got to it, it was sold out! sad face.
They ran out of the peapod cell charm. :(
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The little alert doggy that someone brought barking at the Akamaru furry that passed by! So funny and o so cute XD


Meeting my future wife for the 2nd time(Momoi)
Hearing Momoi do Kenshiro's famous line and going watatatatatatatatatata
The Momoi concert, and getting to go on stage with her and part of the fanclub
Getting like... 6 different things signed by her
Having breakfast with her

Seeing my girlfriend run an amazing maid cafe, and seeing her get to meet her idol, sing with her, and overall having the best weekend of her life.


Double post, I know... but this is worth it...



This was the best weekend of my life.

Thank you so much, for the many many wonderful people who made it possible.

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There were so many things I liked and participated in at FanimeCon this year, but I think some of my favorites are this:

✖ I was in the Tournament of Champions for the Stage Zero Game Show on Sunday and I got second place! [I won the quick quiz game on Saturday which made me elgiable. For those people who saw that my name was Partner and then changed to Dupo! xD]
✖ Ballroom dancing lessons. That was super-duper fun!
✖ The shrimp croissant sandwich from the Maid Cafe. I'm sorry, but that was crazy delicious. >.>;
✖ Participating in the RAVE on Sunday.
✖ Yaoi and Hentai nights on Sunday.
✖ PIKAPIKA! My friend and I went six times, so we got a free one because we filled up our card! 8D Yay!
✖ Meeting DAVE from Snafu-Comics
✖ The protesters because they were hilarious. >] I got my picture taken with Jesus.
✖ Para Para Paradise. That game is so addicting. o_o Srsly.

There were a lot of other things I loved, but those are a few of the more memorable moments. xD

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~Making new Friends
~Watching The Maid Cafe guys were so cool and so cute!!! (even made me think about joining you guys next
~Bumping into Kazuko when I first arrived. X3
~Bumping into Jun and Mizuki...was pyron there? I don't remember...
I couldn't go anywhere without rovers, staff and fanimafia recognizing me. Board members too! (Dreads FTW)

~Rooming with some cool, wickedly-awesome-bad-ass cosplayers
~Forums Gathering
~Vampire Knight Gathering
~B&W Ball

Overall this year was a lot more exciting than last year, and so much variety in cosplayers. I really enjoyed it. I was afraid there wouldn't be anyone becuase of the current economic crisis.

Not so amazing:
I wanted to buy Claymore and D'espairsray merch....I didn't feel like counting all the quarters nickles and dimes I lugged around in a black box. lol

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I don't if this was amazing but I'm proud my friend did something about it. It happened Sunday night this guy was at a stop light and started yelling out mean, hurtful words to cosplayers he said "Go home freaks, go home! You don't belong here!" So, haveing a friend whose both a crazed/Pervy Otaku, went in front of the guys car wore his Oni masked and told the guy, (I mod it and took out the explicit words) "What the Hell did you say? Get out of the car. Get the Hell out of your car now!" The guy was so scared he denied saying those words and as soon as the lights turned green he drove to the left lane made a u-turn and sped away like a bat out of Hell. That's IMO most memorable thing I had. 
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* Naruto Gathering.  Sooooo many people! 

* Momoi coming out to have her picture taken with the cosplayers after the Naruto Gathering.  I was so excited about that that I was having a hard time using the megaphone the get people gathered.

* Getting my picture taken with 3 of the special guests (Momoi, Yagama-san and Ric Meyers)

* Naruto Picnic.  Far fewer people, but a really nice and friendly atmosphere. 

* The Yagama-san party...all of it including the yummy corn dogs and pizza.  :D

* Masquerade was actually good this year.  I still hear the Pokemon theme in the back of my head from time to time.  lol.

Awesome year all around! 
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I have to say one of the high lights for me (besides the awesome naruto gathering XD) was when I hung out with peter griffin in my jiraiya cosplay in the hentai room. XD
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Banzai Arcade

I kinda miss out forums hang out and the concert


I think some of the most amazing sights I saw at FanimeCon was seeing everyone having fun. It didn't matter what time of day it was nor the event, people were smiling and enjoying themselves. It's especially satisfying to see happy faces at the events my staff worked on for nearly a year. All their hard work and dedication paid off and it was simply amazing.

Thanks to everyone who attended any of the Extravaganzas events: Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Cosplay Spectacular, Black and White Ball, FaniMaid Cafe, and MusicFest.  I hope you all had a wonderful time. I know I did.  :D
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The Gundam Universe gathering: MADE OF AWESOME. ;D  It wasn't huge or anything, but it was definitely memorable.  Totally going next year!

...Oh yeah.  And Yaoi Bingo. X3  (Fourth row isle seat, bitches!)
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Did I mention the Naruto Gathering? XD We will consume Fanime next year!!!!
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I wrote a long entry on my blog about my experience. It's really long, so I don't expect most people to read it, but I thought I'd love to share. ^^

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Doing stand up at The Comedy Club and having people come up to me afterward and tell me I was hilarious and sign their programs. Making like 50 new friends. Having some thanks me in person for some stuff I've done on other forums. Having quite possibly the greatest roommates ever!!! It was a bit of a life changing experience for me. :P (and all for like $150 bucks)
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Mmmm memorable moments/things for me...

- Winning the video game trivia show. (In no way was it rigged!!)
- Seeing my friends have a great time
- Going to the pinup panel and having no idea what to expect
- Deciding that hentai was boring after having come from the pinup panel
- Wearing an awesome cooking mama apron
- Being too tired to care about Ewu's jet engine like snoring.

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