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Author Topic: The officially unofficial for Fanime 2009 "Did you take my picture" thread  (Read 122931 times)

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Re: The officially unofficial "Did you take my picture" thread
« Reply #40 on: May 26, 2009, 10:44:02 AM »

Friday and late Sunday night I was Ed from Cowboy Bebop (I didn't have the bright red hair)
Saturday and most of Sunday I was Gary Oak from Pokémon (original first season, purple and orange shirts, orange boots, unreasonably spiky hair, etc.)

And I would especially love it if someone got a picture of me as Gary Oak in drag which I only did for a few hours on Sunday night. Gary with a skirt, rolled up shirt, heavy makeup, and a little crown. xD

Any pictures would be great (:



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Lemme see... I switched costumes a lot this year. :)

I was Marie from Soul Eater.

I was Murrue from Gundam SEED and Sumeragi from Gundam 00 Second Season at the Gundam gathering. I wore Sumeragi for awhile after the gathering as well. I attend the Soul Eater gathering as Marie. In the evening, I was Haru from Hitman Reborn, and I was with a I-pin and a Hibari.

I was Miranda at the D.Gray-man gathering at 10am. I attended the Bleach gathering as Orihime in her school uniform. I was the one holding the Kon. At the Shounen Jump gathering, which evolved in the Gintama gathering, I was Otae. I was the Mugi at the K-ON! gathering who brought snacks. In the evening, I was Murrue from Gundam SEED again.

Thank you! :D

Holy shit, that was you? wow....I didn't recognize you lol XD
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Hii guys! I stuck with two cosplays this year (last-minute wardrobe malfunction!). I can only find photoshoot photos, so any hall shots would be greatly appreciated as well~
I was...

Fri, Sat afternoon & Sun
Sakura // Cardcaptors - lots of white, yellow creampuff goodness

Sat morning
Miku // Vocaloid - tried & failed the Ievan Polkka ''orz

* just went casual on Monday =)

I'll edit this post with better photo references latarr. Thanks to everyone who took a photo!
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ccs sakura [9O%]
hatsune miku [9O%]
secret! [9O%]
2O1O? ideas pending ~
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Hi everyone~! I need pictures of myself badly~! Since my friends and I forgot to take pictures of eachother for our cosplay portfolios~! Orz Orz Orz..

So Here we go~! If you took my picture of have any pictures from the Sailor Moon Gathering that happened on Sunday, please let me know~!!

I was this Venus :

And I was this Sheryl :

And I was also Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright~ And I don't even have one picture T^T;
AND I WAS ALSO Ami Kawashima from TORADORA! but no one knew who I was ~! XDDDD
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I only had two costumes too, though I stuck with one of them for the most part ^_^;

Mitsuru Kirijo - Persona 3 (I wasn't carrying around an evoker or anything and my blouse was the summer short sleeve version so I had pics taken of me just pointing two fingers to my head XD)

Mitsuru Kirijo
Tsubaki - Soul Eater (though after being late for the gathering and wandering around for another half hour in the costume, I kinda went back to Mitsuru feeling a little bad that I missed most of the gathering)

Mitsuru Kirijo (again ^_^; )

If anyone has any pics of even the Persona 3 gathering and Soul Eater gathering on Saturday, that'd be great ^_^


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Heya heya! I was Shin from NaNa. AKA Guy with tight pants, ripped shirt, and guitar. I think majority of the pics were taken in the gaming room during the Ninja game. It went on from about 12am to 7am?


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Anyone got pictures of the TF2 Blue Spy?
To be a little more specific...
The one with the silver briefcase/intelligence, a bunch of masks, and the Ambassador revolver


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Did anyone take any AKATSUKI gathering pics on Saturday 5/23/09? I would like to see them. I cosplayed  as Sasori's puppet HIROKU.

I had some funky design shaved on the back of my head. I cosplayed As Hiroku all Sat ans Sun.
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ooo i want to play!

me -
seras victoria with black nerf gun (here)
ashe from final fantasy 12 (here)

my bestest pals -
prinny (here)
integra from hellsing (here)
pretty geisha (here)
dragon dude (here)

if you stole any pics of us, a PM would rock as i'm sure this thread will be chock full of replies. thank you :)


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Friday: Yuna Gunner from Final Fantasy X-2 with a Tidus Plushie.  I also went to the gathering.

Saturday: Haku from Naruto (with a mask) also at the gathering.  Then back to Yuna Gunner.

Sunday: Wa Lolita (kimono-lolita) to the Lolita picnic.  Yuki Cross in her black and blue lolita dress from Still Doll (the ending of the first season).


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I was Dizzy, Dark Link and Blood Seras Victoria with a Nerf Gun or some other gun - _-"
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Okay, let's see here...

Friday: Kenny (South Park) - I had a ghetto, bloody saw blade sticking out of my back and carried a box of Cheesy Poofs.

Saturday: Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Chapter 201 outfit), Mikaila (Godchild), and Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Horitsuba Gakuen)

Sunday: Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Piffle World), Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Chapter 201 outfit), and was also Mikaila (Godchild) at the B&W Ball, sans the bandages.
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L [Death Note]

Captain Jack Sparrow w/jar of dirt [POTC]

Chibi Alucard [Hellsing]
Captain Jack Sparrow w/jar of dirt [POTC]
(the one who was running around playing "Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me" in Artist Alley and holding a jar of dirt over her head)

L [Death Note]

If anyone has a photo of me, I'd greatly appreciate a PM or email. :)
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*is still uploading Fanime 2009 photos x.x*


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Whoever took pics of me can you please show them to me?

I was a catgirl in a red and black punky kimono dress in fishnets one day (with black and red kitty ears)

and a pink and black catgirl in a tutu, black corset, and pink and black checekered top. (with black and pink kitty ears)

and a black and white catgirl in the same tutu and fishnets but my top was white with a black vest and a tie.



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Lets see...

Friday and Saturday -

*Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji) - I was particularly tall in this cosplay, if that helps. I was also part of the Kuroshitsuji gathering and tea party, but I was sort of lurking around it.

*Saya (Blood+) - In the maroon coat/skirt uniform thing.

Sunday -

Baskerville the Hellhound (Hellsing) - Creepy eight eyed black dog mascot cosplay with a bulky chain around my neck, I was at the Hellsing gathering in this.

Kaname (Vampire Knight) - Was at the VK shoot and the Black and White Ball in this.

Monday -

Gokudera (REBORN!) - Only wore this on Sunday all day, just a suit and tie dress down, but I know people took pictures of it anyway, so I figured I would ask~

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All Weekend:
Gordon Freeman
Sunday Night
Pervy/Silly Freeman

I really don't have any other look, and I know quite a few pics were snapped of me.

If you remember having your picture taken with me, feel free to contact me and I will see if I have your picture. I'm weary of sharing an entire gallery at this point.


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I was Shippuden Tenten on Saturday. Here's one of the few pics I actually have of myself:

I was then Kamiya Kaoru on Sunday. I was wearing a purple kimono.

Any pics will be appreciated.


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Friday:  I had on a black trench coat with a big wooden hand that moved, people seemed to enjoy it, and I also had on some steampunkish goggles I made and a gun on either side of me.
Later Friday:  I was wearing fuzzy brown pants and some goggles. I was a "faun"

Saturday:  Zombie Horde. I did all the work, so I consider pictures of my friends a picture of me :P

Sunday:  Crossdressed with big black boots with steel toes, fishnets, b&w skirt, black corset, fishnet shirt, gas mask, skeleton gloves.
Later Sunday:  Suit with kitty ears, skull tie, skeleton rib cage dress shirt, skeleton gloves.

Monday:  Uhhm.. Nothin', just my manho shirt.


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Saturday and Sunday I was Sheena Fujibayashi and my boyfriend was Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia.  Most of our poses were together.
Sheena Fujibayashi: Did you see my attack?
Zelos Wilder: Oh yeah, baby, I was watching.
Sheena Fujibayashi: For some reason, I don't think that's what you were focusing on.


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saturday- L ((with a candy container ;3))
sunday-- girl wearing black and white lolita sitting near the fountain
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