The officially unofficial for Fanime 2009 "Did you take my picture" thread

Started by redroses3164, May 25, 2009, 07:37:00 PM

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Friday and late Sunday night I was Ed from Cowboy Bebop (I didn't have the bright red hair)
Saturday and most of Sunday I was Gary Oak from Pokémon (original first season, purple and orange shirts, orange boots, unreasonably spiky hair, etc.)

And I would especially love it if someone got a picture of me as Gary Oak in drag which I only did for a few hours on Sunday night. Gary with a skirt, rolled up shirt, heavy makeup, and a little crown. xD

Any pictures would be great (:



Quote from: Mirai Noah on May 26, 2009, 01:49:45 AM
Lemme see... I switched costumes a lot this year. :)

I was Marie from Soul Eater.

I was Murrue from Gundam SEED and Sumeragi from Gundam 00 Second Season at the Gundam gathering. I wore Sumeragi for awhile after the gathering as well. I attend the Soul Eater gathering as Marie. In the evening, I was Haru from Hitman Reborn, and I was with a I-pin and a Hibari.

I was Miranda at the D.Gray-man gathering at 10am. I attended the Bleach gathering as Orihime in her school uniform. I was the one holding the Kon. At the Shounen Jump gathering, which evolved in the Gintama gathering, I was Otae. I was the Mugi at the K-ON! gathering who brought snacks. In the evening, I was Murrue from Gundam SEED again.

Thank you! :D

Holy shit, that was you? wow....I didn't recognize you lol XD
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Hii guys! I stuck with two cosplays this year (last-minute wardrobe malfunction!). I can only find photoshoot photos, so any hall shots would be greatly appreciated as well~
I was...

Fri, Sat afternoon & Sun
Sakura // Cardcaptors - lots of white, yellow creampuff goodness

Sat morning
Miku // Vocaloid - tried & failed the Ievan Polkka ''orz

* just went casual on Monday =)

I'll edit this post with better photo references latarr. Thanks to everyone who took a photo!
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Hi everyone~! I need pictures of myself badly~! Since my friends and I forgot to take pictures of eachother for our cosplay portfolios~! Orz Orz Orz..

So Here we go~! If you took my picture of have any pictures from the Sailor Moon Gathering that happened on Sunday, please let me know~!!

I was this Venus :

And I was this Sheryl :

And I was also Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright~ And I don't even have one picture T^T;
AND I WAS ALSO Ami Kawashima from TORADORA! but no one knew who I was ~! XDDDD
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I only had two costumes too, though I stuck with one of them for the most part ^_^;

Mitsuru Kirijo - Persona 3 (I wasn't carrying around an evoker or anything and my blouse was the summer short sleeve version so I had pics taken of me just pointing two fingers to my head XD)

Mitsuru Kirijo
Tsubaki - Soul Eater (though after being late for the gathering and wandering around for another half hour in the costume, I kinda went back to Mitsuru feeling a little bad that I missed most of the gathering)

Mitsuru Kirijo (again ^_^; )

If anyone has any pics of even the Persona 3 gathering and Soul Eater gathering on Saturday, that'd be great ^_^


Heya heya! I was Shin from NaNa. AKA Guy with tight pants, ripped shirt, and guitar. I think majority of the pics were taken in the gaming room during the Ninja game. It went on from about 12am to 7am?


Anyone got pictures of the TF2 Blue Spy?
To be a little more specific...
The one with the silver briefcase/intelligence, a bunch of masks, and the Ambassador revolver


Did anyone take any AKATSUKI gathering pics on Saturday 5/23/09? I would like to see them. I cosplayed  as Sasori's puppet HIROKU.

I had some funky design shaved on the back of my head. I cosplayed As Hiroku all Sat ans Sun.
Most Impressive.


ooo i want to play!

me -
seras victoria with black nerf gun (here)
ashe from final fantasy 12 (here)

my bestest pals -
prinny (here)
integra from hellsing (here)
pretty geisha (here)
dragon dude (here)

if you stole any pics of us, a PM would rock as i'm sure this thread will be chock full of replies. thank you :)


Friday: Yuna Gunner from Final Fantasy X-2 with a Tidus Plushie.  I also went to the gathering.

Saturday: Haku from Naruto (with a mask) also at the gathering.  Then back to Yuna Gunner.

Sunday: Wa Lolita (kimono-lolita) to the Lolita picnic.  Yuki Cross in her black and blue lolita dress from Still Doll (the ending of the first season).


I was Dizzy, Dark Link and Blood Seras Victoria with a Nerf Gun or some other gun - _-"
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Okay, let's see here...

Friday: Kenny (South Park) - I had a ghetto, bloody saw blade sticking out of my back and carried a box of Cheesy Poofs.

Saturday: Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Chapter 201 outfit), Mikaila (Godchild), and Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Horitsuba Gakuen)

Sunday: Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Piffle World), Fai (Tsubasa Chronicles - Chapter 201 outfit), and was also Mikaila (Godchild) at the B&W Ball, sans the bandages.
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L [Death Note]

Captain Jack Sparrow w/jar of dirt [POTC]

Chibi Alucard [Hellsing]
Captain Jack Sparrow w/jar of dirt [POTC]
(the one who was running around playing "Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me" in Artist Alley and holding a jar of dirt over her head)

L [Death Note]

If anyone has a photo of me, I'd greatly appreciate a PM or email. :)
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*is still uploading Fanime 2009 photos x.x*



Whoever took pics of me can you please show them to me?

I was a catgirl in a red and black punky kimono dress in fishnets one day (with black and red kitty ears)

and a pink and black catgirl in a tutu, black corset, and pink and black checekered top. (with black and pink kitty ears)

and a black and white catgirl in the same tutu and fishnets but my top was white with a black vest and a tie.



Lets see...

Friday and Saturday -

*Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji) - I was particularly tall in this cosplay, if that helps. I was also part of the Kuroshitsuji gathering and tea party, but I was sort of lurking around it.

*Saya (Blood+) - In the maroon coat/skirt uniform thing.

Sunday -

Baskerville the Hellhound (Hellsing) - Creepy eight eyed black dog mascot cosplay with a bulky chain around my neck, I was at the Hellsing gathering in this.

Kaname (Vampire Knight) - Was at the VK shoot and the Black and White Ball in this.

Monday -

Gokudera (REBORN!) - Only wore this on Sunday all day, just a suit and tie dress down, but I know people took pictures of it anyway, so I figured I would ask~


All Weekend:
Gordon Freeman
Sunday Night
Pervy/Silly Freeman

I really don't have any other look, and I know quite a few pics were snapped of me.

If you remember having your picture taken with me, feel free to contact me and I will see if I have your picture. I'm weary of sharing an entire gallery at this point.


I was Shippuden Tenten on Saturday. Here's one of the few pics I actually have of myself:

I was then Kamiya Kaoru on Sunday. I was wearing a purple kimono.

Any pics will be appreciated.


Friday:  I had on a black trench coat with a big wooden hand that moved, people seemed to enjoy it, and I also had on some steampunkish goggles I made and a gun on either side of me.
Later Friday:  I was wearing fuzzy brown pants and some goggles. I was a "faun"

Saturday:  Zombie Horde. I did all the work, so I consider pictures of my friends a picture of me :P

Sunday:  Crossdressed with big black boots with steel toes, fishnets, b&w skirt, black corset, fishnet shirt, gas mask, skeleton gloves.
Later Sunday:  Suit with kitty ears, skull tie, skeleton rib cage dress shirt, skeleton gloves.

Monday:  Uhhm.. Nothin', just my manho shirt.


Saturday and Sunday I was Sheena Fujibayashi and my boyfriend was Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia.  Most of our poses were together.
Sheena Fujibayashi: Did you see my attack?
Zelos Wilder: Oh yeah, baby, I was watching.
Sheena Fujibayashi: For some reason, I don't think that's what you were focusing on.


saturday- L ((with a candy container ;3))
sunday-- girl wearing black and white lolita sitting near the fountain