Hetalia ~Axis Power~ Gathering 2011

Started by KyraEnsui, May 26, 2009, 09:17:56 AM

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Ummmm If I can I will go as lithuania......I love lithuania so much! everyone askes if I come from there all the time. lol but im american.
I might as well just pin my hair up instead of getting a wig because my hair is already brunette and my eyes are green. If not then Ill just go crossdressed liet! he is sorta feminine already tho so no biggy!

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Anya Alstreim - Code Geass
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Sayaka Miki- Mahou Shoujo Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Allen Walker -maybe- D.gray-man
Milla Maxwell- Tales of Xillia


I only took pictures at the gathering, and i thought it was amazing There were sooooo many Hetalia cosplayers in there. And Even some from Hetalia Day were in there.

idk, but it is unofficial, but I want to try to be Wy for 2011. 8D



I'll be going as Romano/South Italy. :]


Quote from: LastExile on August 08, 2010, 10:47:37 AM
I'll be going as Romano/South Italy. :]


Also, If you need any help organizing or controlling people I'm open for helping :3


I have some interspersed pictures of the groups from the gathering! As hot as it was, it was still quite fun!^^

My friend and I will most likely return as Belarus and Hungary for 2011, though I don't know about our Ukraine since she's moved to Alabama...but the two of us should be there :3
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*Coco Adel - RWBY
*Raimu "Rhyme" Bito [The World Ends With You]
*Namine [Kingdom Hearts II - Monty Oum's "Dead Fantasy" version] - Maybe
*Alice - [Disney's Alice in Wonderland]


Me and RyuSan777 will be returning as the Philippines for 2011!


Going to this gathering, but have not decided on which cosplay I will do at the gathering. X3


I see an adorable Sealand! xD
I'm not sure if I posted, but I will be attending the event as either China or Steampunk China. xD
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Saturday morning: Arrietty
Sunday afternoon: Ruby w/ Adam (RWBY, no scythe)
Monday: Arrietty


For 2011 I will be Iceland and plan to drag along my Finland~ 

Can't wait~!
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I was really surprised by how big the 2010 gathering was, but I had a lot of fun :)

I'm not sure yet who I want to cosplay for 2011, but I guess tentatively put me down for Taiwan.
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Got that right Kuya, Ryu reporting in for Philippines
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Day 3:Philipenes-Hetalia
Day 4:Kyon- The Meloncholy


I went to the gathering this year -(it was unbearably hot in my black/purple Eva-Beatrice cosplay)
Well, this year I actually have a Hetalia cosplay group
I will be China aru~
My friends plan to probably go as:
France/Germany (?)
England/ Mexico OC
Philippines OC
and maybe an Italy

...though I doubt some of them will stick with the idea throughout the year....

Also! We are planning for a special mini-event this year! Yet, we have the general idea of what we want to do, but we are working out this and that so it  isn't set in stone yet

Plus, a plus for some highschoolers in San Jose (including me)
Because we have schedule changes there is a high probability Fanime will start right after school ends this year! So if all goes well, my group will  be present most of the time this year at Fanime 2011!


Woo! I'm going as Italy this year. North Italy! ^^
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Me and my boyfriend will go as Hungary and Austria respectively
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Might get my act together and go this year. Don't know what country yet but we'll see. I'll update later for it.
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I'm traveling all the way from Colorado to be at Fanime as Belarus! <3 My Poland is dragging me and her Liet there, so mwahahahaha!

Better watch out Brother! >3 Kolkokolkolkol...


World War I Germany, reporting in!!!!!  Also....would it be possible to start a thread on Cosplay.com????  I would be more than happy to do this...there's already been a few people asking if there's going to be a gathering.


I avoided the Hetalia meet-up this year, mostly because it was much too big and I came in the middle of things. I did stay around and take pictures though, but mostly because I had a good many friends in the gathering. However, I think that I'll go this year if I can remember when it is. ^^"

Not sure who I'll be. Maybe Russia, or possible North Italy. I really don't know at all. But I know I have friends who will go as a majority of the characters.

Shokora - Didn't expect to find you on here, but I agree that you should make a Cosplay.com post. It'll be easier for a load of people who don't want to bother with making an account on here.