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Author Topic: Yamaga guest party ticketing  (Read 778 times)

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Yamaga guest party ticketing
« on: May 26, 2009, 12:53:13 PM »

So, its the day after the con. I must say I had a pretty good time. Got to see Momoi Halko again...

But I have some issues with how the ticketing for Yamaga-san's guest party was handled.
For those that didn't know, the guest party was held on Sunday 7-9pm at the Fairmont. The ticketing was like this:
-There are 100 tickets total
-90 went to random little contests at Stage Zero
-10 went to the charity auction

My first issue is the 10 tickets that went to charity auction. First, they were offered for silent auction at the charity booth in the dealer's hall from the beginning up until 2pm on Sunday. Right before then some of the highest bids were at $30-50. Then at 2pm everyone who bid on them was told that we were no longer allowed to pay for them then and there and had to bid on them again at the live charity auction at 4pm. Now the people that wanted to go to the Gainax panel and get at ticket to the party had to choose (great scheduling job btw). I heard at the live auction the tickets went from high of $50 all they way down to the $15 minimum bid at the silent auction. So the question is, why bother putting them at silent auction at all?
A simple solution could have been just to charge for the tickets $50 or something at the charity booth. For charity I'm perfectly willing to pay that much, wouldn't you?

Which brings me to the other 90 tickets. Having prizes for mini contests at Stage Zero is fine, but I think this way puts the people that actually do want to go to the guest party and attend other con events are being sidelined by people who just hang out near Stage Zero. I was going to panels all day, so again I had to choose between attending them or sitting on my butt at Stage Zero hoping for random events.

So, I think the ratio of tickets given away and sold for charity is out of whack. Also selling them for charity in an auction is also whack because of the bid differences. The perfect solution would have been to just sell them all, not auction them, for charity but I'm not against encouraging attendee participation at Stage Zero either.

What do you think? I'd like to hear opinions by staff too if they're around.
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