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Started by BeelzieNao, May 26, 2009, 02:47:33 PM

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Seeing how popular the MaidCafe is with the male species, why not have something for the female species to gawk at instead of just the Yaoi-Bingo?

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I like this idea - having some kind of butler or host cafe for the female attendees would be nice. Maybe this is something the Yaoi Con people could possibly do?
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That's what I was thinking, but last year (08) the guys who were walking around prior to the Yaoi Bingo were REALLY hot and many of them (aside from Harley... mmmm harley - back to topic!) were dressed similar to what a butler or host would have been dressed.

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Yaoi Con did have something similar in concept on Sunday evening for their event.  Most of the males working the event (a.k.a. the Yaoi Con Bishounen) were dressed in their best (suits).  Last year's Yaoi Con also had them all dressed in suits for the Sunday brunch event (no stripping for that event :P).


Wouldn't it be called a Host Club instead of a Maid Cafe then? ;]


That is true, Yaoi con did put on some events, but unlike the Maid Cafe it wasn't for the full convention period. They were held almost randomly throughout the convention and if you missed the time then... well there wasn't much a person could do.

and yes, it would be something other than maid cafe for the males X3 - I had a brain fart when creating the thread.


I had one of my friends dressed up in black pants and a white button up shirt with a pink frilly apron (for registration cosplay theme). I swore he looked more like a butler than a cook. But yes, I think at least a butler cafe would be popular.

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This sounds fun and I'd love to offer my services  ;)


Maid Cafe by day, Host Club by night?
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As Jun's counter-part I'll reply to this.


The reasons being are that, a host club is literally impossible as it breaks too many laws to do even remotely correct. Most people don't really know what a host club is, and a host club is NOT the counter-part to a maid cafe. A host-club is the counter part to a hostess club, where the appeal isn't charm and comfort, but sexual tension and sexual teasing. It would have to strictly be 18+ and to be extremely honest, finding hosts that could do the job right would be incredibly hard. Hosting is not easy. You have to be incredibly charismatic, but more than that have 100% control over how you act, what you feel, and KILL ALL OF YOUR EMOTIONS. Basically, a guy plays the role of the ultimate player. Flirting with tons of women, making women feel like they have a chance with them, and then not caring about them the moment they step out the door and moving on to the next girl.

Now, for a butler cafe. The idea is nice, but really only caters to an extremely small demographic. How a butler acts is a lot smaller in range than a maid can act. Maid's can act cute, and fun and playful, but a butler cannot. This cuts the audience pretty much down to only women. I don't think many guys would have fun to have a stern distinguished gentleman serving them, never stepping out of line, and always being proper. While females can easily enjoy another cute girl playing and being cute with them. Butler cafes, although are "popular" they only really exist for one type of person... fujoshi.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to say that butler cafes shouldn't happen, but I think because it caters to such a small audience, and that it would be a lot of work(at the very least how much work was put into the maid cafe), it isn't worth it. The money used for a butler cafe is much better going towards something else.

But, you guys could prove me wrong and show that the money would be worth it, and that there is that big of an interest in having one. A friend of mine said something to Jun last night, and it made me think a lot...

Jun completely proved me wrong. She proved to me, that a maid cafe could be done correctly at a con. She proved to me, that a maid cafe can be organized, that girls can embody what a maid cafe represents, and it could be presented in this limited environment.

So the possibility is there, but I don't think it'll happen.


Mikey beat me to the punch on the whole 'Host Club' issue, but yes; it is impossible to do it the way people are thinking of it....whereas maybe adding one or two butlers(not hosts.....butlers) to the Maid Cafe squad would be a completely different situation, but that all depends on if there is a demand for it.
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Eh. I'm not a Maid Cafe person (both in that I'm not staff for that, and I'm not too interested in them), but perhaps having a few male servers who are a happy middle between the uptight butler and the flirty maid for groups who request them (and general assistance) could be done?

I have no idea how this year's Cafe compared to previous years, but it sounded like it happened well. Someone who can handle that sort of thing can probably handle integrating one or two guys.
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well i can see how having a host club be a lil to much but its not that hard to me emotionless as a guy and be as you described. I was actually a male escort and the lines do fall in Similarity. but seeing how it will be new it should be integrated slowly in to maid cafe then Separated if it does take. also why not allow us to make small drinks or would that be going against the conventions food policy. Im just asking cause im a bartender and was going to do a cosplay as a host bartender next year. i have tools for mini bar to donate/lend to the service if needed and can also train peps to make mocktails. and host are a sensual flirt by nature a lil touch but never to much so it should be about 18+ in aspects unless the host can dial that down. but im more then willing to help out


Immediately I think of what the other people are thinking. Host Club, but seriously. I want some super-duper hot guys for this then. Not some crappy pimple faced wanna be Tamaki's or Honey-Sempai's. I want some actual guys who are sexy for a Host Club. Just like there were actual girls who were sexy for the Maid Cafe. I don't want it to be half-assed. Sorry FanimeCon 2010, but if you do it then please do it right! YOU WANT TO PLEASE THE GIRLS!

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Having a few cute & fun butlers amongst the meido in 2010 would be quite appealing to me, and probably most of my friends. Butlers don't have to be stern, i.e. in the dorama Mei-chan no Shitsuji, they were all very different, cute and appealing. I am against the traditional Host Club or Hostess Club at Fanime Con, it's too much sex appeal.


Quote from: poserdoll on November 02, 2009, 12:06:33 PM
Having a few cute & fun butlers amongst the meido in 2010 would be quite appealing to me, and probably most of my friends. Butlers don't have to be stern, i.e. in the dorama Mei-chan no Shitsuji, they were all very different, cute and appealing. I am against the traditional Host Club or Hostess Club at Fanime Con, it's too much sex appeal.

Butler's aren't supposed to act like that though. Although not perfect, the maid cafe mimics the situationings of having a maid serve and entertain you. Maid's in general although expected to act properly are given many more free action in how they act. Butler's do not, and are not supposed to. It's a traditional role. The idea of butler cafes are supposed to be appealing because they're sexy stern and proper men.

It is a very small demographic, and takes lots of time/effort to do for something that caters for a small group, taking away from the maid cafe.


 I would be pretty down with the idea and I think it would be pretty cool to participate

but I think it would be better to have this idea integrated into the maid cafe event to lessen the stress for everyone and to lessen the potential problems that could stem from it.

If this idea does lift off I would definitely love to participate as a butler.