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Started by KyraEnsui, May 27, 2009, 11:55:44 AM

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Quote from: FanFicGuru on November 20, 2009, 02:05:35 PM

I have a king-bed room at the Marriott for 3 nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday...NOTE: NO SUNDAY NIGHT) and am willing to bring on board one more person. Males only, 18+ only (21+ preferred). I am very laid back and will mainly be using the room as a swag stowing compartment and a comfy king bed at night. If you bunk with me you will either be on the couch or the floor, I am taking the bed all 3 nights. HOWEVER, your rate will be very cheap. $30 a night, or $90 for three nights.

A little about me: I'm a 24 (nearly 25) year old graduate student at UC Santa Cruz studying Japanese history. I drink socially and don't smoke or do drugs. I believe this will be my 6th or 7th Fanime. I am bringing my 4 younger sisters along, but they will have their own room (though I might bring them in on one or two occasions so we can have dinner together or something during the convention).

payment: We will arrange to meet up on Thursday evening at which point I will collect the $90 IN CASH. A check would work too, but cash is preferred. If for whatever reason you have to back out, please let me know at least a week in advance so I can try to fill the spot.

ahh... u live in santa cruz?
Contact: Send me a PM on here, send a message to MithrandielX on AIM or email me at [email protected].

That's about it...

tl;dr: $30 a night, bring a sleeping bag. Be chill, and be a 18+ guy.


Need day zero place to sleep, for two people, day zero only.  Were starving artists so I dunno how much we can give, one 23 male one 24 female both really laid back repeat just a place to sleep is all pm me or email me please
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25 year old male, haven't been to Fanime in about 5 years, but getting a press pass for this one. Kinda shy, but talkative given the right mood.

Will be arriving on thursday(or friday, if that's when you're arriving as well), and will be leaving on monday. Willing to spend up to $100 on the cost of a room.

E-Mail: [email protected]
AIM: XtremCheeseBurgr
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Room Needed!!!

I'm an 18 year old female, from Santa Cruz. This is my 4th or 5th year going. I had a room but my friends decided they didn't want to go. I am a cosplayer so I have I will need a little closet space, I only have 2 costume though. I am very clean and I don't mind drinking or drugs. I am very outgoing, honest, and easy to get along with. I might not be in the room much at all, I just need it to sleep in and change in.

I would like to know about who else is stay but please e-mail me at : [email protected]




+ Introduction: Name is Sonya, Female, pretty badass and I dont snore! Also tiny (:
+ Hotel Information: Anything close by really.
+ Requirements: friday night - sunday night
+ Contact: MSN: [email protected]
Gamertag: sonyatheunicorn
Message me on fanime forums
+ Miscellaneous: It'll be me and my friend staying over so that might lower the cost also, looking for something real cheap or somewhat cheap (or free <3)

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Quote from: FanFicGuru on May 17, 2010, 11:25:15 PM

Where: Marriott Hotel

What: King bed (w/rollaway if you pay the $25, otherwise it's a floor spot)

When: Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. NO SUNDAY NIGHT! REPEAT! NO SUNDAY NIGHT!

Cost: $100 for all three nights. The room itself is $300, but since I'm monopolizing the bed I'm paying the lion's share. Again if you want a rollaway it's $25 and you can give that to me on Thursday night if we're actually able to get one.

What I'm looking for: A responsible, courteous, 18+ guy (or girl) who knows how to have fun but also can reign it in and act like a mature human being. No smoking, drinking or drugs. No loud 4 AM entries, etc. Simple courtesy really...

Ok, but who are you?: 25 year old quiet, courteous grad student at UC Santa Cruz studying Japanese history. I'm a guy, but a happily engaged guy who grew up in a house full of women (5 younger sisters and a single mom), so if you're an 18+ girl and you are also quiet and courteous and looking for a place to stay and don't mind the co-ed setup, then you're welcome to PM me.

Logistics: We strike a deal, I email you again on Sunday the 23rd to get FINAL CONFIRMATION that you are coming. Thursday night we meet up and you give me your share in CASH. Checks are okay, but cash is most definitely preferred. Then, let the fun begin!

One more thing... I'll be chaperoning three of my younger sisters, but they'll have their own room.  

So yeah, PM me. Fanime is approaching quickly!

I still have floor space. So far it's just me because I'm not hearing back from anyone conclusively. Please. Message me if you are GOING TO STAY. Btw I'm not staying sunday night so keep that in mind.
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Edit: Seems someone found me so ya. ^.^ see yealls at and around the con. [/edit]

Ello. Mmm... Know I'm a bit late on this but.

"Need" a room:
+ Introduction: XD Well. Ummm. 21(nearly 22) year old male, 6ft tall, of the ah, paler skined verity(though in a few weeks now that schools not interfering with me larping I should have a tan again. I get one fast.). Good ol somewhat socially awkward but highly talkative geek really... (Though. I probably break the rules of geekyness by having a liking for outdoor sports other than LARP... yay rafting/surfing...), This is actually my first Fanime con and... well normal anime convention. If there is such a thing. Though I was actually at the Winter 08 Comiket. But its more of a market than con really.
Love hanging out, chatting... and well intend to wander around like a hamster dazed by a large photon cannon at the con xD Like pretty much ~all~ anime. Even much of the crappy anime out there to some degree. Manga too. And definitely Japan in its own right. Also a bit of a techie...
Interested in socializing a bit really... which is an ackward thing to say but... eh meh.
Oh. N' I'm currently a college student... working my way up the mysterious ladder of getting to a degree program XD... studying Japanese and Computer Electronics/Engineering, well in theory atleast... Actually should be moving down here to SJ in the fall and going to SJCC. Currently from way the crap north of here... XD
(Westhaven... which is near Eureka for those who actually want to recognize a location remotely close to thereabouts. If you don't recognise that. I can't help ya.)
Oh yes. I'm prone to crazy run-on sentences when writing. xD But that should be obvious by now.
+ Hotel Information: Looking for somewhere Friday and Saturday night... Sunday night might keep me here an extra day though xD... Have somewhere I can stay if no-one has room. But is a good walk (yeah, like I'm gonna drive into a con area mid con, I'm not foolish.) away... and a little on the costly side. XD Was too nervous to post here earlier.
+ Requirements: No smoking... Other than that. *shrug* Oh. And I do expect at least one power outlet in a non-insane location... XD Not too unreasonable I hope.
Oh. And I do insist on a shower daily. XD... I dunno. Just the whole. Warm water + cleanliness = awesome? XD
+ Contact: PM should likely reach me. but my gmail [email protected] is probably faster. I do also have a cell at 707 362 0942...
+ Miscellaneous: I do have a car. Is a pos, but does have 5 passenger seat-belts... *shrugs* XD I enjoy random things like hitting Frys and the sort. Or random "hey lets get some food" when hungry is always fun. I know. A bit odd during a convention to want to go to frys--but when the closest Frys is 300mi from where ya live... ya get it when ya can.
Oh yes. And yes I own the domain btw... There's nothing there though other than my email XD :P Its actually just gmail. So sush.
Oh yes, am willing to of course pay my portion or the sort.

Well. If I go on much more no-one will ever read it all XD... Also. Inet where I am atm is teh-crap. So lets not risk a disconnect any more XD
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Ok we had a last minute SNAFU and it looks like one person may not make it to the con and we need a 5th person to share the room with.

It's at the Saint Claire, no smoking, drinking, drugs, or sex. I'd prefer someone who is at least 21(our age group is 25-30, not really interested in having high schoolers, no offense to high schoolers)  who is polite, respectful, has a good sense of humor and fun to have around.

We can take up to 6 people in the room and there are 4 of us now. So that leaves 2 open slots, the room will cost $96 per, if we have 5 people. If we have 6 people then it'd be about $75 per person.

If you're interested, e-mail me at [email protected]


ok I know its super last minute but..

We are at the fairmont and had a whole deal of flakely people say they were gunna stay and back out at the last minute. Since I am fro NY i don't have the extra money to pay for a persons share.

the room is from friday to tues. If you email me at [email protected] or call me at 631-991-0954 you can stay in room for 60 bucks! im Soo need the extra person..

I hope to hear from u soon..


Arriving:       Friday, May 28, 2010
Departing:     Monday, May 31, 2010
Hotel Choice:     The Fairmont San Jose

I will be having a room to myself at the Fairmont Hotel. From Friday afternoon/night to Monday morning/noon. If anyone needs a room get at me. My name is E.J. I'm a 31 year old adult. I've been to so many Fanimecons since I was in my teens. Be respectful. Please be over 21. I will be smoking and lite drinking. If this bothers u, dont reply.

From Friday May 28th to Monday May 31
100 bucks for all nights.
I am only looking for 3, maybe 4 folks. It only has one bed. I dont mind sleeping on the floor.
Female or Male, it doesnt matter. Just be clean, honest and dont take shit that doesnt belong to you.

UPDATE: 05/26/2010       LOOKING FOR ONE MORE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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+ Introduction: Hi my name is Richard most my friends know me as Boozer/or Dic im 28 <omg im getting old T.T> anyways looking to crash for a night  been attending to fanime for 8 + years now, my partner in crime is rude32
im smoke friendly and drink friendly as well as yuri/yaoi friendly very nice and respectful of others and if anyone can accommodate it be awesome
+ Hotel Information: Anything close by really. hopefully walking distance
+ Requirements: Looking for Thursday night only
+ ContactMessage me on fanime forums or email @ [email protected] heck you can even call my  and we can talk  209 688 3425
Face book:
+ Miscellaneous: looking for something real cheap or somewhat cheap at least resonable


We're staying at the Fairmont, from Friday night to Sunday night. It will be about $80 a night. This is a no drinking or smoking room.

I'm a Rover, 19 years old. This is my 7th year coming to Fanime and 2nd year working staff. My roommates are also Rovers, both female, between the ages of 18 and 21. We're all really awesome, really laid back. The only issue you'll have to deal with is that we keep somewhat odd hours (I'm working the midnight shift.)

We are in a STAFF room, so you must be staff.

If interested, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 650-283-5991.
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I have two floor spots in my room at the Marriott on Friday and Saturday nights. $75 for both nights. Call me at 619-600-8685 or text me. Texting is probably better.

First come first serve. Last call. See my previous post for more information on me.
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looking for room for 2 for sunday night for Rude32 and I. Our friends did not let us know they planned on leaving Sunday instead of Monday so we are without rooms. Any room will do as long as within walking distance to convention. Call me on my cell, or send a message through here if you can help us out.


Quote from: Boozer on May 27, 2010, 04:20:32 PM
looking for room for 2 for sunday night for Rude32 and I. Our friends did not let us know they planned on leaving Sunday instead of Monday so we are without rooms. Any room will do as long as within walking distance to convention. Call me on my cell, or send a message through here if you can help us out.

Hey Boozer, I have room if u want. If u dont mind sleeping on the floor.
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Looking for a room, two males, 27 and 25 years old.  Please let me know if you have space!  Thanks.


I REALLY want to go, I've been the last 2 years. I unfortunately don't have a ride there (I live in Sacramento, CA) and I don't have a hotel room to stay in. =[ I'm a 19 year old female and I unfortunately won't be cosplaying this year so I won't be taking up massive amounts of time getting ready. I would just like to know if there is anyone looking to share a room (if I could get down there or if I could find a ride) and how much it would be?