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Started by Jidai Geki, May 31, 2009, 09:08:51 PM

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Jidai Geki

Hey All,
     For any of you who still have some energy to burn off from Fanime Con '09, Bon season is coming up.  SJ Betsuin Church has posted its schedule for free dance lessons and is as follows:

SJ Obon Odori Practice:
Monday, June 22 - Tuesday, June 23 & Wednesday, June 24

Monday, June 29 - Tuesday, June 30 & Wednesday, July 1

Practices are from 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm, in the Annex building gym (Building next to Buddist Temple).

San Jose Obon will be held on July 11th (12p-10p) and July 12th (12p-8p).  For those who want to watch... the dance usually starts around 6:30-7:00p... Hope I see some of you there.


Jidai Geki

Quote from: Dracil on May 31, 2009, 11:55:11 PM
Hmm, is there one in SF?
SF Bon Odori Info:

Buddist Church of San Francisco (
1881 Pine St.
(415) 776-3158

Ginza Bazaar:
Saturday, July 25th (From 12:00p)
Sunday, July 26th (From 11:00a)

Dance practice :  July 1, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17 from 7-9pm

Bon Odori: Sunday, July 26th, 1-3pm

Jidai Geki

Sorry for not keeping this updated... I forgot my account password... :P

The last lessons for this year are coming up... (7:30-8:45pm) Monday, June 29 - Tuesday, June 30 & Wednesday, July 1.
I'll be there practically all day Saturday... Working on a "Period" Cosplay project... ???  Anyone else going to be in attendance, cosplay or not?  If so, stop by... say hi... and enjoy the free entertainment at the festival.


There will be a few cosplayers there both days. Myself included. Not to dance, just to chill out:D


I and a bunch of others from No-Name Anime plan to have dinner at the festival and then watch the Odori on Saturday night. has a schedule.


I think I will be there both days.  No idea what I'll be wearing.
Fanime Con 2015 Cosplay:
Fri: Unknown
Sat: Unknown
Sat. night: Panda kigurumi
Sun: Queen Nehelenia (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)
Mon: Unknown

Jidai Geki

Thank you all for your support of San Jose Nihonmachi and its cultural events...

My "Period" cosplay project fell though because I couldn't get official permission from the festival's main chairperson to do it... ???... but I stated to them that I would attend in costume regardless...  I'll be there for photos, visitor assistance, unhappy-children and anything else I see needing attending to.

Note: It'll be warm this weekend so Cosplay with care and let's all have fun.


Saturday, at Obon, If you saw a Hinata Shippuden, with a Tenten(pre-shippuden) and a Kiba(Pre-shippuden) That was m groupxD We'll be back tomorrow. though Costume wise were still not sure:]


I'll try again tomorrow. My neck hurts today and I hope it heals soon.
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Yay, Haruko.