FanimeCon: Zombie Invasion RPG; Sign up!

Started by DentyneIce408, June 02, 2009, 01:34:24 AM

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What is it: A role-playing game about you and other cosplayers fighting your way through hordes of the undead. And safely escaping to 1 of 3 safe zones.
Setting: At FanimeCon, during the sunrise of Monday.

This just a sign in for joining in the RPG. What you need to sign up:

Name: Dentyne
Age: 22
Background: A student, a gun fanatic (though he hadn't fired a real gun before.) Cosplays as a character from "Army of Two." Went to FanimeCon to have fun.
Location: Marriot

(Note: You can't be all godly, or from the military.
This is for signup only. The rpg will start in a week to give people a chance to join in.
There are 2 locations to choose from Hilton or Marriot. These are your starting locations.

Rules: You can choose whether to save some one or not. You can even attack somebody if you want to. The only way to get a perfect attack is if that person is able to not post after 10 consecutive posts. But somebody else can save that person by interuppting the attack. Another thing, every post equals 5 minutes passing by. This not Resident Evil, so don't expect to find guns or medical supplies lying around. Also, you only get one life so you should decide carefully on what to do or how to move around. The zombie, no I should say the infecteds speed is that of a drunk guy trying to jog (not too fast, not too slow.) If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to ask.
- Shall I leave my mark whether it's good or bad?
- As long as people remember me famous or infamous,
- I  will remain and roam in this world Alive or Dead.