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Author Topic: Sac-Anime?  (Read 13357 times)

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Hikaru Kazushime

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Re: Sac-Anime?
« Reply #60 on: May 04, 2010, 05:04:42 AM »

Been attending Sac-Anime since day 1. My first con- opened up an entire new world right in front of me- was also right around the time I barely started getting into the otaku realm.

Sac-Anime isn't as terrible as some people make it sound- and I know a TON of people were not happy about Summer2009, but they've made some HUGE improvements since then. SA is moving forward each year, and has recovered quite well from 2 major past mistakes. The con tends to be growing, and most attendees are really happy with their weekend experience. To be honest with you, there's a crapload of potential in SA, and I'd expect Fanime to have a decent rival over the next decade.

I'd recommend anyone within a few hours to come.
My Ratings and Review:

Attendance: roughly 2-4k
Length: 3 Days
Vendor's Room and AA: 8/10
Staff: 8/10
Events: 6/10
Guests: 5/10
Swap Meet: 5/10
Rave/Dance: 9/10

Another plus- SacAnime is one of the only cons to showcase Itasha cars! :)


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Re: Sac-Anime?
« Reply #61 on: May 04, 2010, 08:44:02 PM »

Sac anime isn't bad if your a teen and like clausterphobic situations and getting stuck in the hallway ;_;

just imagine a high school during passing period with 5x as many people ><
that alone made me decide no more, but hey to people who actually still attend HS it probally dosen't bother them as much as me, heck it bothered me even when I was still in HS

so yeah
there are some people who do awesome cosplays and the masquerade is pretty good ^^

Fanime was my first con so maybe that's why sac-anime has no value to me >>

but some of the dealers are pretty awesome like Lolita Kisama and there were some cool artists in the artists alley, but the hallway with lots of shoving and squeezing is not where I would ever want to try to sell my art, it'd prolly get knocked down broken or something

um they have the same panels every year... and the same guests... nobody that cool either all american voice actors mostly
quite a few of the bands were good though I don't believe any of them were ever in any asian country as a band, so yeah basically locals

lots of groups of friends hang out as there isn't always something interesting to do, basically just go with your friends and ignore the annoying crowds and you'll have a great time :)

and you should go to check it out at least once if it's close, and pre-register it's cheaper that way :)
basically it's worth going to once or twice

I personally am probally not going back until they have a bigger venue where people don't feel clausterphobic and get stuck between people in the hallways

I'm glad you guys can enjoy it though ^^ have fun next sac-anime too!!
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