2012 Cosplay Battle Event

Started by Eliteslayer, July 08, 2009, 02:28:55 PM

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Excellent. So I have my first victim... I mean opponent. Gilgamesh, King of Heroes will accept your challenge you mongrel half breed. :P

I am in for 2 PM Sunday.
There is an art to flying or rather a knack. The knack is to be able to throw yourself at the ground...

...and miss!

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You mean "mongrel half breed that can summon a Persona en route to a victory"


None can withstand the Gates of Babylon mortal. With it I have at my command the weapon of every legendary warrior from across time. You may as well kneel before me now and save yourself the embarrassment.

(I hope the live banter will be this fun  ;D )
There is an art to flying or rather a knack. The knack is to be able to throw yourself at the ground...

...and miss!

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Looks like our competitors are getting into the fighting spirit already. Excellent. Let's all have fun and make this a great event!
Cosplay battle! Three-pose Fight
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"Abridging a Series" Panel

Hope you can attend 'em!


Hey!  I don't mind participating in this!  I'll be going as Taiga from Toradora~


I probably won't participate but I'll certainly watch. I'll see you all there on Sunday~


Sign me up! You got yurself a moogle from the Final Fantasy series.
Please, don't feed the moogle.



Sure. I guess I can change costumes on Sunday for this gathering. ^^

Angelx624 - Kairi(Kingdom Hearts II) :D
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Sounds fun. ^^ Dunno if i'll be able to participate since the Tokusatsu gathering is a half hour after it, but i'll look into it. ^_^
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Darn!  I was looking forward to being "battle Sophie"  lol.  Unfortunately I'm pretty much stuck in Tsunade Sunday.  I think I'll try to stop by and get some pictures though.  It should be a blast.   :)
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kssh kssh! I'll be taokaka from Blazblue nyaaa sign me up > : 3


I'd be interested, ill be oging as an ANbu Black Ops.
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Ahhhh, I remember you mentioning thing. Looks like fun, I don't know if time schedules will allow it, but I may try and show up. ^__^
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Might as well go as everyone's favorite uniformed punching bag. I'll be attending as Mike Meekins from Phoenix Wright


Haha, this looks really fun!
I want to come as Hibari Kyouya from KHR, since I would have TONFA, but on Sunday I'll be Wanjima Agito... =_=
I'll keep an eye on this thread anyway. XD
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Sounds so fun!
If it doesnt conflict w the concert or anything... which it doesn't I think ^^;
I plan to come as Eve from Black Cat or Alice from Heart no Kuni no Alice^^
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Alright, I have sent in the registration, and we've had our location set to the front Hilton side of the convention center lobby. So it's not in the main courtyard, but just to the side; it's the area with plenty of trees, and BSapphire tells me that there's a big spot there perfect for the battle, and another to the side for people waiting for their turn. I've seen some great photos taken at that spot before, so it should be a great location.

@ jobiberry: Considering the event's at 2:00, I don't think it'll conflict with the concert, unless you plan on getting in line reaaaally early. Do you want me to put you down on the list as Eve or Alice?
Cosplay battle! Three-pose Fight
The works of Ken Akamatsu 2010
"Abridging a Series" Panel

Hope you can attend 'em!


I would like to participate! You got yourself a Shinigami from Bleach! I'm going to be Rukia


I would definitely like to participate. I will have Cinderella, from the Movie Cinderella haha.
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