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^ Metal.No doubt about it 8)
< Seems younger then me.And nice and not anoying.
> I hate it when people bash on dubs.Dubs are great and only bad when 4Kids get's its hands on them.>_>
v What's you're prized posession as far as anime related?

^ My kuroneko backpack. :3 I use it everywhere.
< Likes dubs, except when they're done by 4kids. xD
> Started remaking my Yoko sniper rifle today. =D Gonna make it a lot nicer this time~
V Favorite drink? (Alcoholic or non alcoholic)

^Irish Creame
<Wants to perfect her Yoko sniper rifle
>Thinking of what new game to buy for Xbox 360
v Your favorite TV Show series?

^ America's Most Wanted
< Has bumped some threads around here
> Is reading "Hell's Angels"
v Have you ever read anything by Hunter S. Thompson? If so, what?

^ No, i haven't sorry. D: I'm not a reader..
< Seems to like reading quite a bit.
> Happy to see my Yoko gun taking form again.. It was very depressing seeing it in pieces. D: But at least this time it will be so much more epic. :D
V Favorite AMV?


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