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^ technically I'm hooked on the "the Guild" and their new music video called "Do you want to date my avatar?"
But if your talking about Anime music Videos, the first thats comes to mind is the Chobits-> Internet for porn music video :P
< Still working as hard as ever on her Yoko and her prop cosplays... lets hope she keeps her injuries to a minimum :D
> Just glad its Friday - another weekend of random adventures await. :)
V  Favorite random video or webisode series on the internets and why?  ;D

^ Dr. Horrible - Because it is hilarious and the songs are awesome.
< He is great at hosting parties.
> I do tech support for a living.
V What originally got you into watching anime?

^ Escaflowne. I saw the 9 episodes it ever aired on Fox and that got my attention.
< Sems like a guy I would hire to fix my Big screen TV.>_> and maybe have a beer with if he does a god job.>_>
> I had my second dream last night of attending Fanime 2010. last one was like 3 months ago.>_>.
v Do you like Pepsi or Coca Cola?

michiko nakano:
^ coca-cola!!
< your name is cool!
> I love Shigure Sohma from fruits basket because he's a pervert
V How did your most recent batch of baked goods turn out?

^ The last thing I baked were meow mix cookies, and when I took them to the event I made them for... they were gobbled down really quick, so I guess they were good. =D
< Likes pervert characters? XD
> Finally can start ordering some of the materials for my Miku cosplay. o.o Yay.
V Favorite snack?


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